Assumption of Risk Statement

Participation in programs is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. The University is not liable for injuries sustained during participation in an activity. It is strongly recommended that all participants consult a physician and/or have a physical exam prior to participation. The University does not provide personal accident/health insurance. Therefore, participants are urged to secure their own insurance. You may suffer physical and/or mental injury from participating in these activities.


What are the hours of operation for the pool?

Fitness and lap swim hours are posted on the Aquatics main page and on sight.

Why was the pool built?

This pool was built primarily for academic programs.

Where is the Pool located?

On the east end of the Fitzpatrick Arena with the entrance at the gates nearest the building.

What is the size of the pool?

The pool has 12 swim lanes that are 25 yards in length, plus a shallow fitness and rehab area.

What are the depths of the pool?

The shallow end is 3.5 feet and has a zero point entry ramp. The depth of the dive well is 14 feet.

What is the temperature of the pool?

Ideally, the pool will be kept at approximately 81-84 degrees and will vary seasonally due to air temperature.

Do you have a sauna or therapy pool?


Is the pool ADA compliant?

Yes; the lap pool has a ramp for those with disabilities with a zero point entry that is accessible to wheelchairs.

Who is eligible for an aquatics pass?

Current students, faculty, staff and community are eligible to purchase an aquatics pass. You must be 18 years of age to obtain a pass to use the pool.

What does it cost?

The current aquatic pass rates are posted on the aquatics main page.

Is the facility open to the community?

Yes; you must be 18 years of age to obtain a pass to use the pool.

Does this mean I have to have a SRC Fitness Center membership?

No. The pool does not operate as part of the SRC.

I am a student but my friend is not. Is there a way my friend can swim with me?

Yes; you can sponsor your friend and purchase a $10.00 guest pass.

Are there changing rooms available at the pool?

The aquatic facility has 2 ADA compliant changing rooms with showers.

Do I need to bring my own towel the pool?


How many laps is a mile?

A Swimmers Mile = 1650 yards, which is 66 lengths.

Do you have lifeguards?

Certified Lifeguards are on duty anytime the pool is in use, no exceptions.

I have heard there is a Masters Swim Program on campus. How does it work?

The Masters Swim Group is a community club and has the opportunity to request use like any outside party requesting rental.

How do I request to reserve the facility for an event?

The aquatics facility has limited time available for reservation rentals. Groups may request use by filling out a "University Aquatics Facility Use Request" available on the aquatics website. Groups must follow all reservation procedures, and if required, have a COI specific to the period of use. Please email to inquire about rental rates and availability.

Where can I find schedules and information for the aquatics facility?

Visit the Aquatics web page.

Where can I park?

You are able to buy a daily permit for any parking lot (details are on Parking Services website); or better yet, (lower cost) two-hour parking spaces may be purchased from the Kiosk in Lot 8. Please make sure you park completely between the lines in designated areas.

How often do you offer swim lessons?

We do not offer swim lessons at this time.

Updated: August 14, 2023