Understanding Degree Requirements

To Qualify for a Baccalaureate Degree

A student must comply with all University regulations and satisfy specific requirements in the below areas in addition to completing a major.

  1. Units and Residency
  2. Grade Point Average
  3. General Education
  4. Upper-Division Writing Proficiency (WP)
  5. United States Constitution and California State and Local Government
  6. Multicultural Requirement
  7. Graduation Application
  8. Graduation Approval

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My Academic Pathway (M.A.P.)

MAP is a set of tools that help guide your path to graduation - all within your myStanState Student Center.


notebookSTAN Planner

Map out your classes semester by semester

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checkmarkSTAN Degree Progress

Stay on track: View your academic progress

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signsSTAN Scheduler

Find your ideal class schedule

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Applying for Graduation?

A candidate for a bachelor's degree should submit an Application for Graduation when two semesters remaining to complete requirements for the degree and when 90 units have been completed so that a graduation evaluation of credit can be provided prior to registration for the student's final term.

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