Prometheus Bound 

"A Greek Play" Directed by Caroline Mercier

 January 31st. 5:00 pm Call backs February 1st, 2:00 pm.

D 40, Studio Theatre

Production Dates: March 7-17th.

Rehearsals TBA 


Prometheus Bound, Directed by Caroline Mercier

The theme of Prometheus Bound is the conflict between force and justice. The supreme god Zeus has recently assumed control of the universe from the Titans and is ruling like a petty tyrant. He has bound Prometheus to a rock in a remote corner of the earth because Prometheus gave the gift of fire to humankind, a race whom Zeus had sought to destroy.



Three Penny Opera

Directed by Kitsy Olson

Music Directed by Joel Shade


Monday Feb 4th at 5pm

Tuesday, Feb 5th at 5pm

Main Stage


Production Dates: April 31st – May 5th. 

Rehearsals starting March 25th

Prepare to sing a song with sheet music, and perform a monologue.


The Threepenny Opera, Directed by Kitsy Olson

The Threepenny Opera is a biting satire of the post-war rise of capitalism, wrapped up in Weill's jazzy score, and the tale of Macheath (Mack the Knife), a debonair crime lord on the verge of turning his illegal empire into a legitimate business.