Professional Staff

Hello and welcome! I was a first-generation, low-income undergraduate student. Like many Stan State students, I entered college underprepared to succeed. My family valued education but could not help me navigate college or financially support my education. I struggled with my academics, self-confidence, and sense of belonging. I considered giving up on college but eventually found my path. I have a Master of Public Administration as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a major in Economics.

My college experience became the catalyst for my career in student affairs. I have been part of the Stan State community for almost 15 years in management and advising roles. I understand each student brings unique circumstances, situations, backgrounds, and personalities. I realize students’ past and present influence their college experience. I believe in meeting students where they are, supporting their dreams, and empowering them to own their path to a degree.

Hi! My name is Gloria Mora Rosas. I am excited to be a part of the Student Support Services team, and I look forward to working with all of you. A little bit of myself and my background consists of being a Latina first-generation graduate. I am from a low-income family and had the responsibility of helping my family succeed any way I could while going to school. I earned my A.S. from Modesto Junior College where I concentrated in Early Childhood Education and attained my Child Development Permits. A few years later I transferred to Brandman University where I earned a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Leadership.  

From early childhood, I had a very supportive mother, who always reminded me I needed to go to school and earn an education. However, just like my family was supportive of me, I felt a sense of returning the support and helping them as well. I understand the hardship of having to make a choice between going to school and helping your family. I am a firm believer that a little bit of support, guidance, and planning goes a long way. My degree took me a little longer to achieve than I would have liked, but everyone's academic success is at the pace they choose. I look forward to seeing everyone succeed and helping all of you in any way I can to achieve your goals.

Hi! I am excited to begin my journey as an academic advisor in the Student Support Services (SSS) here at Stanislaus State.  I am looking forward to meeting and learning about each and every one of you over the next several weeks.  A little information about myself; some of my favorite hobbies are horseback riding, boating, hiking, and traveling. One of my passions is to help students have a successful transition to a 4-year university and discover ways to reach their goals.

When I decided to go back to college a few years after high school, I was not sure where to start.  I decided to take courses at Modesto Junior College and earned my AA degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences, with a major in Geography. With the guidance of friends and mentors, I finally transferred to UC Merced and earned my B.A. degree in World Cultures and History.  I learned very quickly that working full-time and learning to balance my own research was a challenging task. To help me adjust, I became part of a program that mentored transfer students in an effort to help them adjust to the life of a 4-year university. My career and education have led me to Stanislaus State to help students in the way so many others helped and believed in me through my own education.

I come to you with the understanding of how important advising support is to students on their educational journey, and I am here to help you stay on your path to success!

Hi! My name is Jesus Verdugo, but most of the time people refer to me as Chuy. I am very excited to continue to work with Student Support Services and will give my utmost dedication to make this a wonderful experience for all of you! I graduated from Patterson High and came to Stanislaus State as an Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) admit in 2000. I am a former EOP, Summer Bridge, and SSS student and have worked in multiple areas on campus both as a student and as a professional. The advisors in EOP were my link to SSS. I became an SSS student in 2002 and later graduated from Stanislaus State with a B.A. in Spanish.

I myself am a first-generation, low-income, "Latina" college student and if I did it, so can you! Si Se Puede! Truly believe in yourself and others will begin to do the same. Shortly after, you will see many doors open for you with wonderful opportunities. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your career goals.

Hello! My name is Melissa Amarillas. Growing up, it was expected I graduate from college. My parents hadn’t graduated from college but encouraged me to excel in school. I decided on beginning my education at Modesto Junior College, because it was affordable and close to home. Shortly after entering college, I became a teen mother. I transferred to Stanislaus State and graduated with honors in 2015, obtaining my bachelor’s in Communication Studies. Seeing my husband and three children cheering me on at graduation was one of my proudest moments. It was not an easy journey, but I just had to keep persevering. I give credit to the Stan State staff, faculty, and my peers for helping me along the way.

I later went on to earn my Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University. I now also teach communication part-time at Merced College. I love working with students, and I am excited for this role in student services. My goal is to help students become advocates for themselves to excel in school, work, and life. I cannot wait to work with you on your written communication. It can truly unlock doors you once thought were closed!

Student Staff

Hey SSS students! I am a third-year Exercise Science major who is aiming to be a physical therapist. Like you all, I am an SSS student, and like many of you, I am also a first-generation student. Since being at Stan State, I have encountered times where the peer mentors have been able to help me which is something I hope to be able to do for you. In my free time, I love to learn new DIY skills, read books, and be outside in nature. I am excited to meet you and help you succeed during your time here at Stan State!

Hello SSS students! I am first-generation and currently on my third year at stan state pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with a forensic science concentration. My goal is to become a crime scene technician. I enjoy watching documentaries and shows that involve criminal justice. I love to paint, play video games, and spend time with my pups. I’m excited to meet you all and be a part of your journey here at Stan State!

Hey SSS Students! My name is Diana, and I am a Liberal Studies major! I would love to become a kindergarten/first-grade teacher, which is why I am majoring in Libs. Besides loving to learn and exploring new things, I also enjoy traveling, shopping, and listening to music. I am first gen, like many of you, so I understand the many struggles that come with it, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I am also an SSS student, and I look forward to meeting you!

Updated: August 13, 2023