How to Apply

Eligible SSS students who have completed all required activities during the previous semester should submit a SSS Scholarship Application with required documentation electronically. All applications must be submitted on or before the deadline to receive consideration.

* The Spring 2024 Application deadline is February 23 *

The SSS Scholarship Application is  fill-in PDF form that works best in Microsoft Edge.
Alternatively, students can download/save the file and open it with Acrobat Reader.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Active SSS participant.
  • Participate in SSS for at least one semester prior to applying for a scholarship 
  • Enrolled as a full-time student (minimum 12 units per semester)
  • Good academic standing with a semester GPA of 2.6 (or higher) during the previous semester
  • Good program standing (2 appointments each with your SSS Advisor and a Peer Mentor during the previous semester)
  • Federal Pell Grant recipient during the current academic year
  • Have a minimum of $1,000 in unmet financial need -OR- awarded loans (which have not been accepted and without which there would be unmet financial need)
  • Engage in at least 4 qualifying academic enrichment activities and events (at least 1 must be a financial literacy workshop)

Qualifying Academic Enrichment Activities

Participation in the following types of activities and events count towards scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • SSS Peer Mentor workshops
  • SSS Writing Specialist workshops
  • Academic success workshops offered through other campus departments (verification required)
  • Other SSS sponsored activities, events, or workshops (i.e. Teacher Conference, Graduate Forum)

Additional Terms and Conditions

By submitting the SSS Scholarship application, you are indicating that you understand that:

  • Applicants must meet all minimum eligibility criteria to receive award consideration
  • Participation in program activities, academic records, and unmet financial need beyond minimum eligibility criteria as well as the availability of funds are factored into scholarship award decisions
  • All required appointments, workshops, and events must be completed in the semester prior to submission of the scholarship application (i.e. Spring 2021 awards are based on Fall 2020 appointments and activities)
  • Students awarded an SSS scholarship are subject to repayment if they drop below full-time units
  • Because this scholarship is intended to reduce loans as well as an unmet need, some federal loans already awarded for the academic year may be reduced to ensure your financial aid award for the academic year does not exceed your total need as determined by the Financial Aid Office
  • All scholarship applicants will receive notification once scholarship decisions are finalized

Updated: April 18, 2024