Available Services

Academic Advising

Our Academic Advisors are here to see that you receive consistent and accurate information on general education curriculum, major course requirements, career guidance, personal counseling, financial aid information, and information about campus services to assist you in making sound decisions about your education. Advisors will support and assist you in clarifying your goals and objectives as well as help you find solutions to your personal concerns. All SSS students are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor at least two times a semester.

Peer Mentoring

Students assisting students! These well trained, informed individuals act as our lines of communication. They work closely with you throughout the year. They help keep our professional staff in tune with the everyday needs of our students. All SSS students must meet with a Peer Mentor a minimum of two times a semester.

Tutoring Services

Added one-on-one or group tutoring are offered for SSS participants in partnership with the Stan State Tutoring Center. The Center will make every effort to find you the assistance you require. The Tutoring Center can be reached at (209) 667-3642.

Writing Assistance

Individual appointments with a Writing Specialist provides assistance to improve reading and writing skills for academic and career success. Developing life-long strategies for studying and writing essays are important to being a successful writer and student. The Writing Specialist is here to help develop a writer’s toolbox set of techniques and tips for the writing process to help clarify questions, comments, and writing related concerns.


Workshops are offered at NO CHARGE! Throughout the academic year, diverse workshops are offered on academic success, financial literacy, career planning, and writing proficiency. Workshops are designed to increase understanding of campus resources, improve academic writing, build skills needed to overcome challenges to educational success, and more!

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