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CARES Homeless Resource Center

Community Action and Resources for Empowerment and Sustainability

CARES Resource Center was funded by a two-year grant from the Office of University Partnerships at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This facility started in October 2006 and remained opened through October 2008. A description of the center's purpose for both the university and the community during the center's operation follows:

CARES Resource Center and its associated faculty are committed to fostering an ethic of community engagement and meaningful scholarship for students of California State University, Stanislaus.

The mission of CARES Resource Center is to provide a safe space for homeless and low-income residents of our community to access a system of support to: secure the necessary means for securing housing and employment; participate in literacy education and financial literacy training; and connect to federal, state, and local systems of care, including behavioral health, recovery, primary healthcare, and social services. The Community Resource Room at the Center is equipped with computers, printers, fax, and telephone.

Every Wednesday morning, CARES Resource Center fosters active dialogue through the confluence of homeless individuals, members of the university community, and members of the community at large where these individuals explore issues of homelessness and poverty, and seek to improve the quality of life for those in need. CARES Resource Center invites you to attend this meeting, which is held every Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the United Samaritans Foundation Building (across the street from CARES Resource Center).

CARES Resource Center positively impacts the community. Despite the postponement of a year-round shelter, the lack of local resources available to the homeless and low-income residents of Turlock, and the complexities inherent to serving the needs of the community, CARES Resource Center continues to exceed expectations in providing needed services, fostering community engagement and education, and strengthening California State University, Stanislaus relationship with the community.

CARES Resource Center is located on 220 South Broadway in Turlock. For more information, please contact Esther McKoon or Hugo Ram­rez at (209) 656-9498.