On this page we'll feature recent law school admissions, graduations, and job placements starting from the most recent. Please contact Prof. Wilson to update this page. 

  • Emily Yonan (BA Political Science 2019; JD Washington University 2022) - Emily begins employment with the New York City Office of the District Attorney in the fall of 2022 after taking (and undoubtedly passing) the summer 2022 bar exam. 
  • Alec Van Eenennaam (Criminal Justice '22; McGeorge SOL)
  • Monique Hasbun (Criminal Justice '22; McGeorge SOL)
  • Lindy Muñoz (Criminal Justice '22; McGeorge SOL)
  • Karan Saini (Criminal Justice '21; Humphreys SOL)
  • Ana Villegas (Criminal Justice '20; McGeorge SOL)
  • Megan Schoonmaker (Criminal Justice '20; UMASS SOL)
  • Elton Rushing (Political Science '20; UC Hastings)
  • Krishma Malhotra (Political Science '20; McGeorge)
  • Ethan Dawson (English '20; Indiana University SOL)

Updated: April 24, 2023