Info on this year's Pre Law 101: 

PRE LAW 101: VOICES FROM WARRIOR LAWYERS - April 30, 4 pm (Zoom and in person) 

Interested in a career in law? Join Pre-law advisor Prof. Wilson and former students as they lay out the basics of pre-law and the law school admissions process. Hear from a panel of Warriors in various stages of their law school experience. Our future Warrior lawyers are excited to describe their application and school selection experiences, and eager to reveal the mysteries of life in law schools across the country. Join us in person in room 204 of the Student Center or join the Zoom meeting to hear their stories, ask questions, and learn about learning the law. Open to all students and faculty.

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Law School 101: Get Up Close With McGeorge School of Law 

Date: May 9, 2019 | Time: 11 am to 1 pm | Location: Science 135

The Stan State Pre Law Society student club and the Pre Law Resource Center are hosting McGeorge School of Law (Sacramento) for a special law-centric afternoon. Students will have the chance to get up close with both the application process and the law school experience itself. Ever wondered what a Criminal Law class is like in law school? Why are strong writing skills so important in law school and the legal profession? What's the law school application process? If you're law-curious, this is the perfect opportunity to see what it's all about. Pizza will be provided. Contact Prof Wilson for more information. 

Time Topic
11:00 AM - 11:10 AM Welcome and Introductions
11:10 AM - 11:40 AM Mock Criminal Law Class with Professor Mike Vitiello
11:40 AM - 12:10 PM Experiential Learning and The Crucial Skill of Strong Writing For Success with Mary-Beth Moylan, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning 
12:10 PM - 12:35 PM Law School Application 101 with Tracy Simmons, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 
12:35 PM - 1:00 PM Q and A


Mike Vitiello

Professor Mike Vitiello

Tracy Simmons

Tracy Simmons

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Mary-Beth Moylan

Mary-Beth Moylan

Associate Dean of Experiential Learning  

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