Organization for Assessment in Academic Affairs

Stanislaus State began formalized assessment in the 1990s, with assessment of student learning becoming more directly linked to institutional decision-making, strategic planning, and budgetary allocations. In 2004, Stanislaus State restructured its organizational approach for assessment with the creation of the Office of Assessment. The Office of Assessment was charged with providing leadership and coordination for university-wide assessment and quality assurance, 

Institutional Academic Assessment Process

As described through the Assessment Planning documents, all academic programs undergo regular review through the seven-year Academic Program Review process. With the course as the foundation, information flows through program, college and institution with feedback channels at each level.

Course, Program, College, Institution

Institutional Academic Assessment Process.pdf

Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources

As described in Assessment Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources (2018), the University has dedicated resources and personnel to maintain meaningful assessment processes. The four academic colleges also allocate additional resources in response to individual program need. 

Updated: February 27, 2024