The Office of Assessment provides leadership, support, and coordination for university-wide assessment.

Mission Statement

The Office of Assessment provides vigorous and positive leadership in the coordination of university-wide efforts related to improving student learning and enhancing educational effectiveness through assessment.


  • To serve as a resource for the university community in our efforts for a collective commitment to quality.
  • To operate in accordance with values of the university with regard to assessment and evaluation, including the university's principles for the assessment of student learning and the commitment to assessment/evaluation for quality improvement.
  • To support each academic and administrative unit's efforts to develop and evaluate learning goals and unit effectiveness as each contributes to the university's commitment to quality.
  • To provide information resources that enables the university community to improve its assessment processes and use of the results for quality improvement.
  • To communicate broadly the university's assessment program, its goals, accomplishments, and use of results for quality improvement.
  • To document the university's commitment to institutional quality based on its assessment efforts and to provide summary reports to internal and external groups.
  • To provide leadership for ensuing compliance with WSCUC accreditation standards related to assessment of learning, educational effectiveness, and institutional quality.

Updated: June 21, 2023