About General Education

Stanislaus State's General Education (GE) program is guided by the University's Mission, Vision, and Values Statement and is committed to developing in its students not only a broad understanding of many subjects, but also the ability to see the essential connections between them.

The GE Program requires students to complete 49 semester units, including nine upper-division units, of selected courses within six broad categories. In addition to the General Education Requirements, undergraduate students must also complete all Baccalaureate Degree Requirements, including the upper division writing proficiency (WPST and WP), the U.S. Constitution and California State and Local Government, and the Multicultural requirements. View the Advising Sheets for Baccalaureate Degree Requirements on this page or the Advising Guidance page for more information.

History of General Education

The General Education program at Stanislaus State has been offered in its current overall design, with minor adjustments since the early 1970's and 2018. In 2018, the General Education program was revised to include minor changes to category names and the lower and upper division category organization as well as moving the U.S. Constitution and California State and Local Government and the Multicultural requirements to Baccalaureate Degree Requirements. Enhancements to the traditional program – guided pathways, “meta-major” organizations, First Year/Transition Year organizing – help students get the most out of the GE experience and help faculty and staff support student aspirations.

What is General Education?

Lower Division GE courses are foundational. Students learn fundamental principles, methodologies and perspectives of a discipline. They learn essential skills and gain breadth of knowledge.

Upper Division GE courses provide breadth and depth to understanding and stress the inter-relationship among disciplines. Students at the upper division level are expected to enhance their integrative learning skills.

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Updated: March 04, 2024