A Structured Exploratory Emphasis (SEE) is an integrated, interdisciplinary grouping of lower and/or upper division courses across multiple General Education areas organized around a common theme. All undergraduate students must complete General Education coursework, and the SEE program provides an opportunity to focus on a specific social or academic theme or disciplinary area while completing a portion of these required courses. To enhance the experience of SEE participation, co-curricular activities may be offered that connect coursework to campus and community events, and/or link students and faculty at Stanislaus State with those at regional Community Colleges.

How does the Structured Exploratory Emphasis relate to a Major or Minor?

The General Education program is intended to help students develop foundational knowledge and skills that support and expand what is learned within the major. The SEE program can help students to focus their General Education coursework around a theme of interest, exposing them to some of the disciplines related to that theme, and perhaps serving as a point of entry to the identification of a related Major or Minor. For some students the SEE will be in an area that complements their Major, and for others it is an opportunity to explore an interest with a less direct relationship to the Major.

Faculty Fellows in the Academic Success Center can help you to identify lower division GE courses affiliated with each SEE that serve as prerequisites to Majors. Faculty Fellows and other advisors will help you to decide how participation in the SEE can best support your educational goals.

What Structured Exploratory Emphases are offered at Stanislaus State?

Contact the Structured Exploratory Emphases advisors for the most up-to-date information.


Keith Nainby, Ph.D., Faculty Director of Advising and Learning Cohorts

Jung-Ha An, Ph.D., Adviser

Sarah Bissonnette, Ph.D., Adviser

Arya Alami, Ph.D., Adviser

Jennifer Wittman, Ed.D., Adviser

Richard Wallace, Ph.D, Adviser                            

Brent Powell, Ph.D, Adviser


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Phone: (209) 667-3700

Updated: April 18, 2023