Photo of Deborah Forester

Ms. Deborah Forester


Department: Psychology

Photo of Dr. Garrick Garcia

Dr. Garrick Garcia


Department: Psychology

Research Interests: Attraction & Relationships, Prejudice, and Humor 

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Dr. Wura Jacobs

Assistant Professor

Department: Kinesiology

Research Interests: I am a public health researcher. My research examines disparities in biopsychosocial determinants of health risk behaviors, particularly alcohol, tobacco, and drug use behaviors, among adolescents and young adults. More recently, my work has examined the impact of single-and poly-use of e-cigarette and marijuana on development and other health risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults (AYAs), particularly among minority AYAs.

Photo of Dr. Dae Hee Kim

Dr. Dae Hee Kim

Assistant Professor

Department: Computer Science

Research Interests: Dr. Kim's research interests include Big data analysis and processing, Computer networking and Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things (including smart city and smart farm). The projects under Dr. Kim involve extensive design, deployment, and development of practical solutions for the topics. One of the ongoing projects is medical Big data analysis to find a correlation between disease (8,000) and genome data (of 22 chromosomes) of 20,000 patients. The other ongoing project is Big data transfer to send large amounts of data (e.g. video streaming) through the high-speed network (10 Gbps). 

Photo of Dr. Ryan Logan

Dr. Ryan Logan

Assistant Professor

Department: Anthropology

Research interests: I am a critical medical anthropologist with research interests focused broadly on health disparities, migration, community health workers, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). My research has examined the impact of community health workers, their integration within the broader professional workforce, and how their advocacy serves as a form of caregiving. I’ve also conducted research looking at the impact of faith-based activism and immigration reform and the usage of CAM in the Tampa Bay region. My future research will examine the impact of promotors de Salud in the California-Mexico borderlands and the use of CAM in the Central Valley.

Photo of Dr. Amanpreet Manchada

Dr. Amanpreet Manchanda

Assistant Professor

Department: Chemistry

Photo of Dr. Grace Paradis

Dr. Grace Paradis

Assistant Professor

Department: Child Development

Research Interests: Parent-child relationships, attachment relationships throughout the lifespan, language development (including Deafness) and use in the context of parent-child interactions, influences of media on children, and how current technological trends affect various aspects of development.

Photo of Dr. Win To

Dr. Wing To

Assistant Professor

Department: Physics

Research Interests: My main area of research is currently in Direct Detection of Dark Matter.

Updated: November 01, 2023