I entered the History Master’s program at Stanislaus State after working for nearly a decade as an intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency in Maryland. From my first semester, I was impressed with the professionalism of the Department of History and the level of personal attention its faculty devoted to students in the graduate program. After sharing my desire to enter a history doctoral program after completing my Master’s degree, my advisor and professors ensured that I received the teaching, writing, and research experience that helped me attain this goal. I was equally impressed with the rigorous academic and intellectual standards maintained by professors in the Department of History, which equaled those I experienced as an undergraduate at UCLA and while earning a previous Master’s at the American University in Washington, D.C.  Students who enroll in the history graduate program at Stanislaus State – whether they plan to continue their education or enter the job market – will be well prepared for whatever professional and academic challenges they encounter.

The Master’s Degree in Program in History at California State University, Stanislaus is informative, engaging and an environment that fosters learning long after completion. The M.A. I received at Stanislaus State was a stepping-stone that enabled me to go on to pursue a PhD at Arizona State University. I believe that the skills and knowledge that I learned from the academic work, professors, and other students at Stanislaus State has helped make me more successful in my academic career thus far. Stanislaus State professors were approachable and willing to help and the support staff in the department was exceptional as well. I feel that the Graduate Department of History at Stanislaus State genuinely Cared about my education and mentored me on many levels, not just academic. This was the kind of department I wanted to be a part of for my M.A. degree.

As a native of Stanislaus County, I cannot express how lucky I am to have had such a great university with an amazing Department of History in my vicinity. Having received my Bachelors in History at Stanislaus State, I knew that getting my Master’s at Stanislaus would help me achieve my goal of eventually entering into a History doctoral program. The Master’s program provided me the tools to learn how to be a better historian and also how to be a professional through the reinforcement of the department. The professors encouraged me to go to conferences, join the History honor society, and work as a teaching assistant to better hone my skills and give me a better understanding of the entire breadth of the historical discipline. Although the History graduate program is demanding, I was able to transition easily into the Master’s program because of the high expectations and personal attention that I received from the Department of History. Through the exploration of different historical fields I developed my own method of historical inquiry. Much of this came from the wonderfully diverse student body and faculty at Stanislaus State. In working with undergraduates, fellow graduates, and the professors, I was able to develop my research interests and fully realize my goals that have critically prepared me for my current endeavors and for that I am greatly indebted to the Department of History.

Updated: July 14, 2023