Student Health Advisory Committee

Benefits of being in SHAC

  • Get valuable experience working as part of a group
  • Have practical experience you can list on your resume
  • Meet people and help advance health topics
  • Advocate for health issues relevant to CSU Stanislaus students
  • SHAC Student Leadership Opportunities Are Available

How to Get Involved

For those interested in being involved with the Student Health Center and the Student Health Advisory Committee, you can 1) attend SHAC meetings and 2) participate in SHAC events or Health Promotion events as your schedule allows:

If you are interested...please e-mail us at

SHAC Meeting Schedule

Please check back at a later time for the updated schedule.

The Mission of SHAC

The mission of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is to serve as a student organization for individuals interested in promoting health related issues on campus, and to identify and represent all groups of the student body. SHAC is composed of interested students that volunteer their time and work as liaisons between the student body and the Student Health Center to better respond to student needs.

What is SHAC?

SHAC fulfills Executive Order 943 from the Chancellor’s office. SHAC members serve as an advisory committee to the Student Health Center on the scope of service, delivery, funding, and other critical issues relating to campus health services. Students constitute majority of the membership and the committee may include of faculty, administrator, and staff members. There should be a representative from the Student Health Center. A student chairs the committee.

What does SHAC do?

Student Health Advisory Committee holds meetings (typically every other week during fall and spring semesters) and discusses topics related to student health and the health center.  SHAC works to relay student concerns and opinions to the Student Health Center director.

SHAC members have opportunities to help organize and implement campus health promotion events.

Previous Activities

SHAC has been involved in a wide range of activities:

  • Raised public awareness and support for the increased Health Services Fee cost of living adjustment to maintain and improve the services offered by the Student Health Center.
  • Support and provide feedback to the Director of the Student Health Center to keep the center open for the winter term.
  • Contributed to the CSU Stanislaus Student Health Promotion and Prevention program to give students hands-on experience in the health education and promotion field conveniently on campus
  • Assisted with the Student Activities Center’s Alcohol Awareness campaign “Thirsty Thursdays”
  • Assisted with Student Recreation and Wellness outreach events on the quad
  • Collaborated with the Department of Kinesiology to provide practicum experience for students

In Collaboration with…

ASI Recreation and Wellness
Recreation and Wellness programming provides an educational and fun outlook on a variety of health and wellness subjects. Their goal is to reach out to students by programming for health issues that affect them on campus.

Associated Student Incorporated, Inc. and University Program Board 
The Associated Students, Inc. of California State University, Stanislaus is the official voice of the students. Their mission is to serve the students of CSU Stanislaus in all matters pertaining to the quality of their education.

Department of Kinesiology (Health and Wellness Promotion Program)
The mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to professionally prepare individuals in the core aspects of pedagogy and/or health and wellness allowing them to enter into educational or allied health science leadership roles. The department prepares students to pursue careers in teaching, coaching, sport management/administration, health promotion (e.g., corporate, industry, and fitness), pre-professional areas (e.g., physical therapy, athletic training, chiropractic) and provides graduate study opportunity. In addition, the department positively contributes to the overall education of all students at CSU, Stanislaus through its activity courses and upper and lower division general education course offerings.

Student Recreation Complex
Along with opportunities to stay physically active, develop healthy lifestyle habits and grow social circles with a variety of people, the Student Recreation Complex (SRC) aligns with the mission of Student Affairs to help complete the development of students by offering a variety of opportunities in leadership through employment and participation. The SRC staff hopes students will take advantage of all of the opportunities offered to help students develop into the best that they can be.

Student Health Center Health Promotion program and the Peer Health Educator program