Required Immunizations

The Requirement

For Everyone:

  • 2 doses of measles/rubella vaccine (MR or MMR); or
  • Immunity to measles and rubella by blood titers

For those 18 & Younger (in addition to the MMR):

  • 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine; or
  • Immunity to Hepatitis B by blood titers

How do I meet the requirement?

Submit a photocopy of any the following showing proof of immunity to the Student Health Center by mail, fax (209-667-3195), or in person:

  • Childhood immunization record (yellow card);
  • High school transcript if immunization information is documented on it;
  • Lab reports from your doctor showing immunity (titers)

What if I can't find my records?

  • Have your family doctor or the Student Health Center draw a MMR/HepB blood titer.

If you need the immunization(s) you can go to:

  • Your family physician's office
  • Local medical clinic
  • The county Public Health Department
  • The Student Health Center

What if I have medical reasons for not getting immunizations?

Call the Student Health Center (209) 667-3396 to schedule an appointment to discuss the immunizations with a provider.

What if I have personal reasons for not getting immunizations?

Download and complete section 5 of the Immunization Clearance/Waiver Form and return it and a letter of contrary belief to the Student Health Center.

Download the Immunization Clearance/Waiver form.