Discover what you can learn and where a geography & environmental resources major can take you.

Geography & Environmental Resources is one of the few disciplines that comfortably bridges the liberal arts and sciences. Geography & Environmental Resources is the ideal major for students interested in solving real-world environmental and social problems. Our students are interested in using innovative technologies to inspire and support positive change in the local and global communities and environments. Our graduates are well prepared for graduate school or to enter into a rewarding career. 

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  • Using innovative technologies
  • Making a positive change in the community
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Water and natural resource management
  • Eco-tourism and international business
  • Environmental education


  • Geospatial skills and techniques
  • Computer cartography
  • GPS data collection
  • Air-photo interpretation
  • GIScience
  • Sustainable development/design
  • An understanding of diverse cultures and environments
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Wilderness exploration
  • International development


  • Urban and regional planning
  • Climatology
  • Transportation
  • Water and natural resource management
  • Natural hazards
  • Eco-tourism
  • International business

Career Opportunities

  • E.& J. Gallo Winery
  • Turlock Irrigation District
  • PG&E
  • Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center
  • Stanislaus State
  • City of Modesto
  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • National Resource Conservation Service
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Geography & Environmental Resources with concentrations in:
    - Applied Geography
    - Environmental Resources
  • Minors
    - Geography
    - Environmental & Resource Studies
  • Those majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, Liberal Studies, or Social Sciences can complete their concentration in Geography. An Urban & Community Studies concentration is also available.
  • Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Geospatial Analysis of Human Environmental Chang
photo of Anthony Fagundes

"My experiences as a geography major have helped prepare me for whatever comes next. They gave me chances to test my problem-solving capabilities, challenge my creativity and think outside my comfort zone."

Anthony Fagundes
Geography Alumnus

Updated: July 10, 2023