Student Responsibilities

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Timely Course Enrollment, Adds, and Drops

Students should officially drop courses which they have no intention of completing rather than risk a "WU" (equivalent to an "F") or "NC" grade by Census date. Students should not assume the instructor will take disenrollment action.

Only under special restricted circumstances can an instructor drop a student from a course. Students who register for a class and do not attend the first class meeting should notify the instructor or the departmental office no later than 24 hours after the first class meeting if they intend to remain in the class. Students who fail to provide such notification may be dropped administratively from the course by the instructor. The instructor also may administratively drop students who do not meet the catalog prerequisites for the class. These administrative drops shall be without penalty and must be filed by the instructor with the Enrollment Services Office no later than the Census date.

Each registrant will be held personally and fully responsible for course enrollment, adds, drops, and his/her failure to add and drop courses by the Census date.

Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw from the University through the census date without having any notation indicated on their permanent academic record. To do this, students may drop all classes through the Web or submit a completed Withdrawal Form to the Enrollment Services Office (MSR 120) by the Census date.

Students who withdraw from the University on or before the Census date will be considered continuing students for the following term if they were enrolled on the census date of the previous semester and have not yet graduated. See the Money Matters section for refund instructions. Fees and tuition will pro-rate based on last date of enrollment as recorded by Enrollment Services.