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Audited Courses

Audit status requires an instructor’s signature verifying that space is available for an auditor after all students taking the course for credit are accommodated; enrollment as an auditor will not be permitted prior to the first day of instruction. Auditors are not authorized in a full course. Units enrolled in audit status are counted for tuition and fee purposes.

Closed/Full Courses

Students can check course availability on the class schedule or when registering in myCSUSTAN. Adding a closed/full class requires a Permission Number, which needs to be obtained from the instructor of the course.


Be sure to register in both the “Lec” and the “Lab,” “Act,” or “Dis” sections. If you register in only the “Lec” section, Online registration will drop the course from your schedule when you submit your changes.

Course Adds/Drops

Eligible students may add or drop a course online during a scheduled registration period and after the term begins. Instructor signatures are not required to drop a course, or to add available courses during the scheduled add and drop periods as noted in the “Registration Activity Dates” page. To add a course that is full or restricted you must use a Permission Number by the last day to register or add a course. No automatic disenrollment action will be taken for non-attendance. A Permission Number is required to enroll in a class beginning the first day of the semester as well. Students are responsible for dropping courses or withdrawing their term registration through the Web by the last day to drop a course. Failure to do so may result in punitive grades being issued. You will be liable for pro-rated tuition and fees based on the last date of enrollment.

Excess Units

Registering for more than 18 units Spring or Fall semester, or 10 units in Summer, requires submission of a Registration Options form with the signature of your major department chairperson approving the number of excess units to Enrollment Services no later than the last day to add a class.

Grading Option

Any student may elect to be graded on a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) basis in any course approved with a Credit/No Credit grading option. Courses approved for CR/NC are indicated as such in the Schedule of Classes. No more than 24 CSU Stanislaus CR semester units, excluding credit from challenge examinations, may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree.

The student must elect the Credit/No Credit grading option on a Registration Options form by the Enrollment Census Date of the term unless the instructor agrees to establish a later date and verifies this agreement by signing the student's Registration Options form requesting the grade option change.

Plus/Minus Grading Option

Plus and minus grading, as indicated below, is at the option of faculty. Faculty members must state in their course syllabi whether they will use this option. If the instructor uses this option, it applies to all students in the class. The effect is explained below:

Grade Grade Pts. Grade Grade Pts.
A 4.0 C 2.0
A- 3.7 C- 1.7
B+ 3.3 D+ 1.3
B 3.0 D 1.0
B- 2.7 D- .7
C+ 2.3 F .0

Repeated Courses

Effective Fall 2009, Undergraduate students may repeat up to 16 semester-units with grade forgiveness. Grade forgiveness (Repeat/Replace) means only the most recent attempt will be counted for Grade Points and credit. Undergraduate students may repeat courses for grade forgiveness only if they earned grades lower than a C or CR. Undergraduate students may not repeat courses for which they have an Incomplete (I), Report Delayed (RD), or Report in Progress (RP) until they have received a grade for the course. Undergraduate students may repeat an individual course for grade forgiveness no more than two times. Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to courses for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty. The limits apply only to units completed at the campus. Students should submit a Notification of Repeated Course form to the Enrollment Services Office (MSR 120) immediately after the repeated course is completed. See the Catalog for more information.

Verification of Enrollment

Once registration begins, the primary method to verify course enrollment is by checking your schedule at Students who also need additional written confirmation of enrolled courses may order one by requesting it in person at the Enrollment Services Office after paying a $5 fee at Cashiers for this service. An alternative is ordering a full transcript for $4.

Waitlist Courses

A student may request to be placed on a waitlist for a closed class if the class has specified a waitlist option. The student is not officially registered for the class until they are enrolled by using a Permission Number. Prior to the beginning of the term, classes are audited frequently for open seats, and eligible students on the waitlist for those classes will be automatically registered into the class. It is strongly recommended that students check their myCSUSTAN account regularly for addition to a waitlisted class and/or an increase in tuition and fees as a result of being added to the class.

Students will not be moved from a waitlist into a class if they have also registered in another section of that class, if they will be in registered in excess units, or if they will have a time conflict with another registered class.  If the waitlisted class is preferred, it is suggested that students not register in another section of the same class, have approval for excess units on file with Enrollment Services, or resolve time conflicts with exsiting registered classes.  Once a term begins, a waitlist will be used only as a chronological reference to unmet course requests; a student must use a Permission Number to add a waitlisted class. Students that are waitlisted for all classes on their schedule are subject to Late Registration fees once the term begins. Waitlisting is not available once the term begins.

An instructor must provide a Permission Number to a student to be added to a course. Students whose names do not appear on an instructor’s Class Roster are not enrolled in that class and should report to Enrollment Services to inquire about course enrollment.