P-12 Leadership Specialization

Guiding Purpose of P-12 Leadership Specialization

The Department of Advanced Studies in Education believes that transformation of P-12 education depends on leaders who demonstrate the skills, abilities, and attitudes that have been found through research and application to be essential to effective leadership. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, with specialization in P-12, is designed as a professional degree in which a carefully selected cohort of educational leaders develop advanced research and leadership skills to address specific problems that have local, regional and national implications for teaching and learning, education reform, and professional development with a special emphasis on the Central Valley of California context. It is expected that program graduates, working directly in public schools and districts, will serve as transformational leaders, taking their organizations to high levels of student achievement and creating organizations focused on diversity and acceptance of productive change.

Prospective Students

This program is designed for the following groups of prospective students:

  • P-12 faculty leaders
  • P-12 administrators, including directors, coordinators, principals, and superintendents
  • Persons interested in working in P-12 leadership positions

Program Curriculum

Core Courses 

  • EDEL 9001 Applied Qualitative Research, 3 units
  • EDEL 9002 Applied Quantitative Research, 3 units
  • EDEL 9003 Leadership and Organizational Theory and Practice, 3 units
  • EDEL 9005 Policy Design, 3 units
  • EDEL 9006 Applied Research and Data-Driven Decision-Making in Education, 3 units
  • EDEL 9007 Social, Psychological, and Philosophical Issues in Education, 3 units
  • EDEL 9008 Development of Educational Partnerships, 3 units
  • EDEL 9009 Curriculum Design for Transformative Learning and Education, 3 units
  • EDEL 9010 Models of Inquiry, 3 units
  • EDEL 9011 Applied Inquiry 1: Directed Reading & Literature Review Development, 3 Units
  • EDEL 9012 Applied Inquiry 2: Beginning Research Proposal Design, 3 Units
  • EDEL 9013 Applied Inquiry 3: Advanced Research Proposal Design, 3 Units

Specialization Courses

  • EDEL 9040 School Law and Organizational Politics, 3 units
  • EDEL 9041 Implementation and Evaluation of Staff Development/Student Interventions, 3 units
  • EDEL 9042 Instructional Models for Improving Student Achievement, 3 units
  • EDEL 9043 Management of Human, Fiscal, and Material Resources, 3 units
  • EDEL 9044 Effective Instructional Strategies, 3 units
  • EDEL 9045 Curriculum Leadership for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students, 3 units
  • EDEL 9046 Critical Pedagogy, 3 units

Dissertation (12 units)

  • EDEL 9990 Dissertation