Guiding Purpose of Community College Leadership Specialization

This doctoral degree program prepares community college leaders who are committed to improving teaching and learning in core academic areas and the overall success of adult learners, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to transform community colleges so that all students are learning at high levels. University faculty and practitioner experts collaborate to create a vibrant learning community that draws upon issues and challenges facing community colleges with special emphasis on the California Central Valley context. Doctoral candidates will tackle real-world problems through their dissertation research and serve their colleges at the same time by informing and improving practice.

Prospective Students

This program is designed for the following groups of prospective students:

  • Community college faculty leaders
  • Community college administrators, including coordinators, directors, deans, and vice-presidents
  • Persons interested in working in community college leadership positions

Program Curriculum

Core Courses

  • EDEL 9001 Qualitative Research for Scholar-Practitioners, 4 units
  • EDEL 9002 Quantitative Research for Scholar-Practitioners, 4 units
  • EDEL 9003 Organizational Theory and Behavior, 3 units
  • EDEL 9005 Policy Creation, Implementation and Evaluation for Equitable Outcomes, 3 units
  • EDEL 9007 Social Foundations and Structural Inequities in Education, 3 units
  • EDEL 9009 Adult Learning Theories for Agency and Empowerment, 3 units
  • EDEL 9010 Inquiry and Research for Scholar-Practitioners, 4 units
  • EDEL 9011 Applied Inquiry 1: Directed Reading & Literature Review Development, 3 Units
  • EDEL 9012 Applied Inquiry 2: Beginning Research Proposal Design, 3 Units
  • EDEL 9013 Applied Inquiry 3: Advanced Research Proposal Design, 3 Units
  • EDEL 9015 Leadership Models and Practice, 3 Units
  • EDEL 9016 Seminar: Educational Leadership Leadership and Career Planning, 3 Units

Specialization Courses 

  • EDEL 9070 Foundations of Community College, 3 units
  • EDEL 9071 Leadership, Policy, and Organizational Governance in the Community College, 3 units
  • EDEL 9072 Instructional Planning, Assessment, and Accountability in the Community College, 3 units

Dissertation (12 units)

  • EDEL 9990 Dissertation

Updated: July 10, 2023