Under state law, all parking on a California State University campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. This applies to all employees, students, and visitors, except those visitors who are parked in posted time zones for the time specified or who display valid visitor permits.

To use a disabled parking space, a valid Stanislaus State parking permit, as well as a valid DMV Placard or Disabled plate, must be displayed (CCR Title 5, Division 5, Article 7, 42200 & Ed. Code 67301a). The campus parking fee may be waived for students with disabilities who meet the eligibility standards based on financial need. To qualify, students must have a valid DMV disabled placard/plate and meet the federal guidelines for financial aid. Students must fill out the Request for Waiver of Campus Parking Fee form and submit the completed form to the Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid will verify eligibility.

If you have questions regarding this waiver, please contact Financial Aid at 209-667-3336 or via email at Financial_Aid@csustan.edu.

Updated: April 12, 2024