Vision Statement

Disability Resource Services at Stanislaus State will be the leader in creating a welcoming and accessible campus for people with disabilities.  The office will collaborate with the university’s diverse community to ensure that all aspects of student campus life — learning, working, and living — are universally accessible. Disability Resource Services will promote independence and academic excellence as well as provide the campus community with resources, education, and direct services such that students with disabilities will have a greater opportunity to achieve equity and social justice.

Mission Statement

The mission of Disability Resource Service at Stanislaus State is to facilitate inclusion by reducing/eliminating barriers, whether they are attitudinal, structural, programmatic, or otherwise. In doing so, students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to become successful through their own efforts and not held back by artificial barriers. We strive to create partnerships with students, faculty, staff, and other university and community offices by creating awareness and training on disability-related issues as well as providing information and referral services.

Program Goals

  1. To serve as the campus authority pertaining to disability issues and resources.
  2. To foster an accepting, accessible campus environment in all university programs and services the university offers.
  3. To empower students with disabilities to be self-advocates and to enrich students with the skills to be productive citizens.
  4. To advocate for the needs and interests of students with disabilities.
  5. To promote disability as an integral part of campus diversity.
  6. To collaborate with faculty to ensure access to the curriculum for students with disabilities.
  7. To partner with the campus to ensure information technology is accessible as it is deployed and utilized in the curriculum, student programs, and services as well as the business operations of the campus.
  8. To be innovative, effective leaders acknowledging the efforts of our colleagues and students while nurturing both student development and collaborative approaches.

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Updated: July 18, 2023