Stanislaus State faculty are fundamental partners in the accommodation process, as they create and design their courses with multiple learning styles and pedagogies in mind. DRS values this partnership and is a resource for any accessibility concerns, questions, or ideas that may arise during the semester. Academic accommodations are considered to be additional tools for students with disabilities to fully access the course material; they are not intended to restrict academic freedom. All students with accommodations are expected to complete all degree and course requirements, just as other students.

Faculty are encouraged to engage with DRS at any time throughout the semester, including before classes begin to discuss accessible course design. Due to the course registration process, it is not always possible to know which courses students with disabilities will be enrolling in, and therefore accommodation needs may not be known until after the first day of classes or after add/drop.

DRS is a resource for both students and faculty, and at times, there may be accommodation needs that the faculty are unsure of or not familiar with. DRS is available for consultation and assistance in these situations to clarify the specific nature of how accommodations can be implemented.

Updated: July 18, 2023