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Spring Semester Important Dates

Student Clubs

The College of Science has a variety of student clubs.  Click here for more information.

Student Employment Opportunities

There are a variety of student employment opportunites in the College of Science.  Click here to view open positions and apply!

Dean's and Honors List

Every Fall and Spring, the College of Science Dean's office notifies students who made the Dean's and Honor's list.  Students receive a congratulatory letter along with a certificate in their email.

Spring 2019 Dean's & Honor's List

Fall 2019 Dean's & Honor's List

Signature Process for a Student Form

Student forms can be found here on the Enrollment Services website.

Please follow the steps below to obtain a signature from the Dean.

1- All forms requiring payment must be paid for before obtaining signatures.

2 - All areas with a required field must be filled in.

3 - Obtain all required signatures. (ALL Student Petitions require the Department Chair signature per the College of Science Dean.)

4 - Forms are delivered to the Dean's administrative staff to be logged in and assigned a log number.  

5 - Once a student form has been signed by the Dean, the administrative staff log the form out, send an email to the student and/or department with a copy of the signed form, and then the form is delivered it to its final destination.  Students can opt to pick the form up in person.

For questions regarding the process, please contact the Dean's office at 667-3153.