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Replacing the Add/Drop Form effective June 2011 use this form to:
  • Register for courses that have a Time Conflict.
  • Add more than the allowable units (Excess Units) for that term.
  • Change your grading option after Census Date.
  • Register for a course as an Audit.

Add/Drop Form

Effective June 2011 the Add/Drop Form has been replaced be the Registration Options form (see description above) and the Request to Retroactively Add form (see below).

Application for Graduation

Use this form for Undergraduate and Graduate students to declare expected term of graduation and request degree and diploma. Please note that The Enrollment Services Office cannot guarantee complete graduation processing for students who file an Application for Graduation after the deadline date to apply for graduation.

Consent for Release of Academic Records.pdf

This form will allow the staff of the Enrollment Services office to discuss specific aspects of your academic record with the person(s) you designate on the form.

Declaration or Change of Degree Objective.pdf

This form is for undergraduates to request a change in degree objective.

Duplicate Diploma Request.pdf

This form is to request a duplicate copy of your diploma.

Individual Study Request.pdf

Individual Study courses are available in certain fields to a student who has demonstrated capacity for independent study and superior ability in regular coursework in those fields at the University. These courses are numbered 4980 and 5980.

Notice of Name/Address Change.pdf

Form is used to request an official name change or change of address. Proof of name change is required. Note: You can change your address on your MYCSUStan account.

Notification of Repeated Course.pdf

Only students taking undergraduate course work can repeat a course for a replacement grade. Students should submit a Notification of Repeated Course form to the Enrollment Services Office (MSR 120) immediately after the repeated course is completed, once grades have posted.

Petition for Exception to University-Wide Requirements.pdf

Students may petition university deadlines, or for waiver, or substitution of certain university-wide academic requirements, or request a review of decisions affecting their academic status.

Petition for Reinstatement After Disqualification.pdf

Students who are disqualified may be considered for reinstatement by submission of a Reinstatement Petition to the Advising Resource Center (MSR 180).

Request for Credit by Challenge Examination.pdf

A currently or formerly (matriculated) enrolled student who has had special preparation in a given subject may challenge, by examination, catalog courses as determined and approved by the department.

Request for Leave of Absence.pdf

To request a planned or unplanned leave of absence from the University, students must be in good academic standing.

Request to Retroactively Add.pdf

This form replaces the Add/Drop Form effective June 2011.  This form is to be completed along with the Petition for Exception to University-Wide Requirements to request to add one or more courses after the census date.

Request for Postbaccalaureate Credit.pdf

All courses taken during the term in which a student earns a degree that are not needed to fulfill degree requirements will upon approval of the Request for Postbaccalaureate Credit form, be indicated as such on the student's permanent academic record.

Special Registration Form.pdf

Many departments offer special courses to Undergrad and Graduate students. Interested students must contact their departments for information. The special registration form must be completed and signed by their department and submitted to Enrollment Services for processing.

Request for Transcript.pdf

Use this form to request a copy of official CSU Stanislaus transcripts. Transcripts may also be requested through the National Student Clearinghouse at

Substitution for (Waiver of) Departmental Degree Requirement.pdf

This form should be used to request substitution of a course for another course which applies to a departmental requirement. A copy of the approved action should be submitted to Enrollment Services to ensure proper evaluation of credit toward a major or minor requirement.

Verification Form.pdf

Students who also need an additional written confirmation of enrolled units may do so by using this form; a $5 fee is charged for this service.  Only total units and GPA can be requested.  Allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Withdrawal Form.pdf

This form is used to withdraw from the University through the census date without having any notation indicated on their permanent academic record.
After census: A student can withdraw classes but a W will appear on their academic record.

*A last date of attendance must be noted on the form in order for any refund.

See Money Matters for Pro-Rata information.