From the Dean

Welcome to the College of Science (COS) at California State University Stanislaus.  We are one of the newest and most dynamic colleges on campus, where the faculty and staff are dedicated to student success.  The College of Science is an intellectual community dedicated to providing students and faculty the scientific, mathematical and technological capacity to contribute to their disciplines and succeed in their academic pursuits. The dedicated faculty and staff seek to educate students through quality instruction, experiential learning, research experience, community engagement, and effective advising.

We have undergraduate majors in biology, chemistry, cognitive studies, computer science, geology, mathematics, nursing, physics, psychology, child development, and physical sciences. We also offer graduate programs in marine biology, biological sciences, nursing, psychology, child development, and genetic counseling. I hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities available to you within the College.

The College of Science establishes a community dedicated to providing students the intellectual and technical capacity to contribute to, and succeed in their academic and scientific pursuits. Our programs combine a strong emphasis on theory and methods of the science disciplines with their practical applications. We emphasize applying what is taught in the classroom to the real world through laboratory, clinical, and field experiences. Our innovative curricula will allow you to explore your potential and to prepare for a challenging scientific career, or to pursue further advanced studies. Faculty advisors will be available to help explain the different options and opportunities.

Graduates in the academic disciplines within the College of Science will possess the analytical, problem-solving, scientific-literacy, and technical skills that are critical to their success in contributing to their field and to contributing to the education and well-being of their communities. COS endeavors to produce graduates who demonstrate exceptional competence and the highest ethical standards in their research and practices, and who exhibit sensitivity, altruism, autonomy, integrity, and social justice while serving diverse populations.

I invite you to visit me in the newest building on campus, the Nora and Hashem Naraghi Hall of Science. Naraghi Hall provides state of the art facilities for science instruction with room for the College to grow and develop interdisciplinary programs. Our recently renovated Science 1 Building houses our Mathematics Department and the School of the Nursing with state of the art Simulation and Computing Labs.

The College of Science is an exciting place that is on the move. For further information about COS, please go directly to the department web page you are interested in.

Updated: August 03, 2022