Scholarship Application DEADLINE - Friday, April 27, 2018

(Interested applicants must apply for admission to access the online scholaship application materials)

Please Note: Only applicants who are eligible to transfer into Stanislaus State Agriculture program or CSU Fresno Food Science and Nutrition Department, and have applied/granted admission for Fall 2018 will be considered.

Program Overview/Summary

This is a USDA-NIFA funded program that brings together two Universities (Stanislaus State and CSU Fresno) and a Junior College (Modesto Junior College). The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) is designed to meet the national need for scientists trained in the food and agricultural sciences, by recruiting, training and pipelining ten (10) underrepresented outstanding students into productive careers in the food and agricultural industry. This goal will be achieved through rigorous academic curricula and experiential learning program that have produced graduates who have taken up careers in the industry.

This program will strengthen partnerships between collaborating institutions and the industry, enhance multicultural diversity in the nation’s agricultural scientific and professional workforce as well as prepare outstanding multicultural scholars to meet national demand for 21st century skills and enhance America’s competitiveness in the global science and technology economy.

  1. Recruit ten (10) outstanding underrepresented students as MSP scholars, to pursue baccalaureate degrees in agriculture and food science
  2. Use rigorous STEM based academic curricula to prepare scholars for careers in the food and agriculture industry
  3. Employ cross-discipline special experiential learning research and industry internship program that fosters development of translational skills in scholars, and
  4. Use faculty and peer mentoring program that enhances learning in a multicultural environment that promotes diversity

The USDA-Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) will provide

  • Scholarship support for two (2) cohorts of 5 transfer students from Junior colleges (A total of ten students over the project period).
  • Academic support (tuition/fees, books, housing etc.) at a maximum funding level of $6,500 per scholar per year for two years (A total of $13,000 per scholar for two years).
  • One-time Summer Internship placement for scholars with industry or grant-funded stipend support of $4,000 per scholar
  • Academic mentor for each scholar for academic advising throughout the two year college experience
  • Professional development opportunity for scholars during their college experience

Scholarships are only valid for use for Stanislaus State Agriculture program or CSU Fresno Department of Food Science and Nutrition. The scholarship may be renewed each year, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and normal progress toward the bachelor's degree.

The Multicultural Scholars Program is available to junior college transfers (A.S.) entering their junior year of Stanislaus State or CSU Fresno.

For information on how to apply for admission, visit the respective institution’s websites:

All scholarship application materials must be submitted by Friday, April 27, 2018.

Scholarship application is available as part of the university online admission packet.

For any questions regarding the Stanislaus State Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP), please contact:

Dr. Oluwarotimi Odeh
Program Director
Bizzini Hall C108
Tel: (209) 667-3961
Fax: (209) 664-6649

  • Stanislaus State – Lead Institution
    • Agriculture Program
  • CSU Fresno – Partner
    • Department of Food Science and Nutrition

USDA Multicultural Scholars Program Grant Award #: 2015-38413-23540

Meet our current and past scholars:

2016 - 2018

  • Sarah Baskins, BS Agriculture (Conc: Agecon), May 2018 - Congrats!

2017 - Present

  • Alexandria Tyler, Undergrad - Agriculture (Conc: Sustainable Ag), Stanislaus State
  • Dakota Browning, Undergrad - Agriculture (Conc: Agecon), Stanislaus State
  • Frankie Bowers, BS  Agriculture (Conc: Sustainable Ag), Dec 2018 - Congrats! 

2018 - Present

  • Daryl Dias, Undergrad - Agriculture (Conc: Agecon), Stanislaus State
  • Courtney Orpurt, Undergrad - Agriculture (Conc: Agecon), Stanislaus State
  • Patrice Parks, Undergrad - Food Science (Minor: Dairy Science), CSU Fresno
  • Kamdyn Nichols, Undergrad - Food Science and Culinology (Minor: Chemistry), CSU Fresno

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