Course Units x Workload K-Factor = Weighted Teaching Units (WTUs)


Short Description Course Classification Number K Factors
C-1 through C-6 1.0
Activities C-7 through C-14 1.3
Technical Activity
or Laboratory 
C-15 1.5
Science and Clinical
C-16 and C-17 2.0
Major Intercollegiate
Athletic Sports Activities
C-18  6.0
Athletic and
Performance Activities
C-19 through C-21 3.0
45-Minute/Week Faculty Contact Independent or Studio Study, or
Supervised Activities 
S-1 .250
1-Hour/Week Faculty Contact Independent or Study, Field Work,
or Supervised Activities 
S-2 .333
90-Minute/Week Faculty Contact
Practice Teaching, Workstudy,
Thesis Project, and Independent
S-3 .500
Practice Teaching S-4 .667
Social Work Supervision S-5 1.0
Peer-Taught, Non-
Workload, or Non-
Traditional Instruction
C-77 and C-78 0.0

For more detailed descriptions of the course classification numbers, use the Data Element Dictionary

Updated: February 06, 2024