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The goal of the WOW Program is to support students from Merced College in successfully transferring to the Stanislaus State. By completing an Associate Degree for Transfer in one of the WOW majors, students can complete their bachelor’s degree within 60 units after transfer.

To be eligible for WOW, a student must:

  • Be a community college student from Merced College
  • Intend to transfer to Stanislaus State to earn a bachelor’s degree
  • Declare or be in the process of declaring an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

Benefits of being part of the WOW program include:

  • Access to a dedicated WOW admissions advisor located at Merced College
  • Participate in events and activities hosted by WOW and Stanislaus State
  • Become familiar with the mission and services of Stanislaus State and be a part of the Warrior community
  • After transfer, have access to dedicated WOW peer mentors and advisors that will continue to support you at Stanislaus State

Students who commit to participate agree to: 

  • Meet with a WOW admissions advisor and attend workshops for WOW students
  • Remain continuously enrolled at Merced College
  • Earn an Associate Degree for Transfer and complete additional prerequisites as required
  • Meet all CSU admission requirements and deadlines to be guaranteed priority admissions to Stanislaus State

Associate Degrees for Transfer

  • Anthropology (AA-T)
  • Studio Arts (AA-T)
  • Business Administration (AS-T)
  • Early Childhood Education (AS-T)
  • Communication Studies (AA-T)
  • Computer Science (AS-T)
  • Administration of Justice (AS-T)
  • Economics (AA-T)
  • English (AA-T)
  • Geography (AA-T)
  • Geology (AS-T)
  • History (AA-T)
  • Kinesiology (AA-T)
  • Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)
  • Mathematics (AS-T)
  • Music (AA-T)
  • Philosophy (AA-T)
  • Psychology (AA-T)
  • Physics (AS-T)
  • Sociology (AA-T)
  • Spanish (AA-T)
  • Theatre Arts (AA-T)