Irrigation/Rain Reclamation System

Water- Irrigation/Rain Reclamation System graphic, live text is available below this graphic

  1. HOW IT BEGINS: Underground pipes and storm drains capture the rain and excess irrigation from campus building roofs, streets, landscaped areas and parking lots, as well as neighboring streets, such as Geer, Monte Vista and Crowell.
  2. CAPTURED RAIN: The irrigation station pumps runoff into the Reflecting Pond for storage.
  3. The irrigation station is powered by electrical power, the nearby solar arrays, and an emergency backup generator.
  4. RECAPTURED IRRIGATION: Campus runoff is pumped from the irrigation station into the Reflecting Pond for storage and reuse.
  5. Water is pumped from the Reflecting Pond into the four campus lakes, which provide additional storage for campus landscape irrigation
  6. Water from the Reflecting Pond, as well as the campus lakes, is used for campus irrigation. Any shortfall of reclaimed water is made up from our campus deep well.
  7. As of August 2015, the reclaimed water collected from this system will be used in our cooling towers at the Central Plant, which directly cools most campus buildings. The entire system is controlled and monitored by an automated controls system that ensures proper water flows, lake levels and irrigation water management.
  8. STARTING IN AUGUST: Water from the cooling tower will be returned to the irrigation supply.