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Eco Warriors

Sustainability pursues justice across economic, social, and environmental dimensions. The Eco Warriors promote awareness and sustainable practices across these three dimensions on campus and within the community. We are committed to empowering our peers with knowledge and resources to participate and lead within the sustainability movement. We focus on three pillars that represent how our student organization can best bring about change.

Leadership: The young adults of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to empower students of Stanislaus State and give them the resources to pursue sustainable outcomes.

Diversity: Diverse representation is necessary, because of the sheer variety of perspectives and methods surrounding sustainability. We want to grow our own culture of sustainability while retaining the personality and history of all individuals. We respect and encourage dialogue between all cultural elements: generational, ethnic, political, and spiritual.

Action: Justice cannot be pursued without action. Action is about personal and collective responsibility for our environment and fellow humans. The Eco Warriors is a democratic organization whose power comes from the motivation and values of all who are engaged. From small individual feats to grand collective change, your actions always matter. 

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Updated: July 08, 2024