Council for Sustainable Futures

The Council for Sustainable Futures (CSF) is the California State University Stanislaus Council dedicated to the development, growth, and institutionalization of sustainability initiatives on campus and in partnership with the local community. The CSF fosters awareness, understanding, and a culture of sustainability on campus.

The role of the Council for Sustainable Futures is to serve in an advisory capacity to all campus departments, colleges, and other entities in an effort to advance environmental, social, and economic sustainability at California State University Stanislaus. The CSF provides leadership in identifying mechanisms to integrate sustainability concepts—social, environmental, and economic--into all core functions of the university. The CSF provides guidance for implementing sustainability across the campus by addressing the following focus areas, identified as global standards by the Association for the Advancement in Higher Education’s (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS):


  • Incentives and opportunities for developing sustainability-focused and sustainability-inclusive courses and the use of the campus as a living laboratory
  • Adoption of sustainability learning outcomes
  • Incentives for faculty and student sustainability research
  • Research, active learning experiences, and scholarship


  • Campus engagement through student and employee educators programs, student and employee orientation, outreach campaigns, and staff professional development training
  • Campus events and community outreach
  • Public engagement via community partnerships, inter-campus collaboration, community service, and participation in public policy


  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions; increased building energy efficiency and use of clean and renewable energy; sustainable procurement including food purchasing, landscape management, and cleaning 
  • Sustainable building design, construction, and maintenance; alternative transportation; waste and water management, campus biodiversity assessment

Planning and Administration:

  • Sustainability strategic plan, diversity and affordability, investment and finance, well-being & work

Council Membership


Mary Stephens, Interim Vice-President/CFO, Business and Finance

Julia Reynoso, Associate Vice-President, Capital Planning & Facilities Management


Wendy Olmstead, Sustainability Coordinator

Michelle Gordon, Chemistry 

Taylor Whitehead, Health Education & Promotion

Faculty Fellows

Jacob Weigel, Art

Julia Sankey, Geology

Kyu Han Koh, Computer Science


Destiny Suarez, President Eco Warriors

Adela Gonzalez, ASI Director Finance 



Council for Sustainable Futures Reports

CSF Report 2017/2018.pdf

CSF Report 2018/2019

CSF Report 2019/20

CSF Report 2020/21

CSF Report 2021/22


2013-2016 Capital Planning & Facilities Management Sustainability Report