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Spring 2017 Admission Applications

Spring 2017 admission applications are being accepted from August 1, 2016 to August 30, 2016 for upper division transfers only. Go to Stanislaus State Admissions to apply.

New Student Orientation Slide Show Presentation for all incoming Veterans:

The attached slide show is an overview of the information we go over in our Veteran New Student Orientation. If you have any questions, please the Veterans Affairs Office at (209) 667-3081 or via e-mail

NSO Slideshow

Am I eligible for Veteran Benefits? Education Checklist for Eligible Persons under Chapters 30, 31, 33, 1606 and 1607

1. Have you ever used your GI Bill benefits before? YES OR NO

A. ___ YES!

a. Are you attending the same school? YES or NO

___ YES! No application is required from you; please see the School Certifying Official (SCO) at your school to certify your actual enrollment period to VA.

___ NO! Please complete and submit a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training, VA Form 22-1995 to the VA. The form can be access electronically for electronic submission at or download a hard copy form at

B. ___ NO! This is my first time. Please complete and submit an Application for VA Education Benefits, VA Form 22-1990 to the VA. Application is available for electronic submission online at or download the hard copy application at

In addition, you may be required to provide one or more of the following documents when you submit your original application:

**A copy of your DD Form 214 member 4 copy (Chapters 30, 33, and 1607 only)
**Form 2384, Notice of Basic Eligibility, NOBE (Chapter 1606 only)

Once you have submitted your application, you need to see your School Certifying Official (SCO) at your school. Every school in the United States including some schools overseas that are eligible to train veterans, service members and their dependents, has a designated school certifying official (SCO) located on campus. The SCO is employed by the school and not by VA. (Hint: Check with Financial Aid Department, Admission and Records Department or Registrar’s Office for your designated SCO at your school).

2. Have you talked to your School Certifying Official (SCO) at your school about your VA enrollment certification, VA Form 22-1999? YES or NO.

___ YES! You are done! Enjoy pursuing your education goal and good luck on your studies.
___ NO! Please locate your SCO on campus and request that a VA Enrollment Certification, VA Form 22-1999, be submitted on your behalf to the VA. The SCO certifies your actual enrollment period (VA Enrollment Certification, VA Form 22-1999) to the VA and that’s what triggers your payment.

NOTE: If you are eligible to receive benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), your tuition and fees payments are sent directly to the school. Housing allowance, kickers and books stipend are sent directly to the student provided they are eligible for the benefit. Remember that the Post-9/11 GI Bill housing and books and supplies stipends are paid “in arrears.” This means that your housing stipend for January won’t be received until February. Also, if you are starting school for the first time, your first payment may not be for a full month of housing because we pay from the actual day you start school. So, if you start January 8, your February payment will be for the 23 days you attended in January.

To obtain status of your education claim, please call our education call center at 1-888-442-4551 (Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Central time). You can also send an electronic inquiry (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) on our website, under ‘GI Bill Links’ then click on ‘Ask Us a GI Bill Question’ and use the ‘Ask a Question’ tab.

How to Apply and Transition Successfully into Stanislaus State:

  1. Speak with the Veterans Affairs Coordinator at (209) 667-3081 or or an Admission Counselor to see if you meet the regular requirements for admissions at (209) 667-3070 or
  2. Complete an online application via http:/// during the application filing period. If the application period is closed, the Veterans Affairs Coordinator or Admission Counselor will instruct you on how to apply.
  3. On the application, mark that you will be paying the $55.00 application fee by check. Do not send payment. Veteran students are waived from having to pay the $55.00 application fee. After submitting your online application, please e-mail to request a waiver of the application fee.
  4. Order official transcripts to account for all credits completed:
    1. Request high school and college transcripts from institutions attended
    2. CLEP/DANTES score reports:
    3. AP score reports:
    4. Air Force:
    5. Army:
  5. Send high school transcripts (if less than 60 semester units of transferable college credit), college transcripts, and SATI/ACT score reports to the following address:

California State University, Stanislaus
Enrollment Services Office
One University Circle
Turlock, CA 95382

  1. Be sure to adhere to all admission deadlines, especially the final document deadline.
  2. Send DD214 (if discharged) or DD295 (if still enlisted) to the Office of Admissions
  3. Contact Stanislaus State Veteran Affairs Coordinator, in the Enrollment Services Office, regarding benefits information at (209) 667-3081. Discuss the submittal of benefits paperwork, based off of given deadlines, to the appropriate offices.
  4. If needed, apply for financial aid using the FAFSA at and speak with a Financial Aid Counselor at (209) 667-3336 regarding how G.I. benefits may affect your potential Financial Aid Award.
  5. Check email for User Id and Password by logging into Use the website to check ‘admission status,’ ‘to do list,’ and to view ‘messages.’
  6. If admitted, attend the New Student Orientation. To sign up for New Student Orientation go to
  7. Depending on your level of education upon entry to Stanislaus State, placement exams may be required prior to registering for classes.