Forward Momentum for Higher Education Opportunities for Stockton

The future is built on education. Stanislaus State Stockton Campus is poised to create an ever-expanding culture of college and career experiences for our students and community. We believe in an investment that supports broader access to programs that will drive increasing levels of college degree achievement, professional opportunities, and overall economic growth for Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley.

That belief drives our current effort to build a new state-of-the-art, welcoming and the inspirational educational campus in Stockton.

Follow our progress as we partner to deliver an education and University experience that will serve our students and the community for life.

Stockton Campus Projects Timeline

Stockton Master Plan

  • Apr. 2022 Bidding Contracting
  • Jul. 2022 Kick-off - Site Investigation/campus collaborations
  • Oct. 2022 Exploration / Design Alternatives Review/ campus collaborations
  • Apr. 2023 Synthesis-Implementation Strategy/ Final Plan

Acacia Replacement Building Phase I

  • Jan. 2022 Programming Prioritization
  • Apr. 2022 Bidding Contracting
  • Jul. 2022 Preliminary Design
  • Oct. 2022 Nov BOT/ CEQA
  • Dec. 2022 through Nov. 2023 Design
  • Dec. 2023 through Mar. 2025 Construction
  • Jun. 2025 Construction Completion, Furniture Installation and Move in
  • Sep. 2025 Fall 2025 Instruction

Magnolia Mansion Renovation

  • Jul. 2022 RFP process restart
  • Oct. 2022 Proposals, Interviews, and contracting
  • Dec. 2022 Design
  • Apr. 2023 May BOT
  • Sep. 2023 through Dec. 2024 Construction
  • Mar. 2025 Construction Completion, Furniture install
  • Summer 2025 Move-in

Acacia Replacement Building, Phase I

Acacia Building Replacement Phase I Site Plan

Exterior Perspectives

Stockton Campus rendering

Looking towards the main entrance

Stockton Campus rendering

Looking towards the main entrance from Acacia Street

Stockton Campus rendering

Classroom transparency and sunshade elements

Stockton Campus rendering

West entrance

Stockton Campus rendering

Relationship between Magnolia Mansion and the new Acacia building

Stockton Campus rendering

North stairs and courtyard

Stockton Campus rendering

Courtyard looking towards the main lobby

Interior Perspectives

Stockton Campus rendering

East lobby bleacher

Stockton Campus rendering

East lobby tech support

Stockton Campus rendering

East lobby sticky space

Stockton Campus rendering


Stockton Campus rendering

Multipurpose room

Floor Plans

Stockton Campus first floor plan

First Floor

Stockton Campus second floor plan

Second Floor

Inspirational images

Inspirational images for Stockton Campus building

Updated: March 15, 2023