Physics & Physical Sciences

Physics is the study of the Universe.

  • Physics covers a broadest range of phenomena of any science
  • Particle Physics studies the inner working of subatomic particles
  • Astrophysics studies the formations of stars, galaxies and the Universe itself!
  • Condense Matter Physics also drives the modern age from applications such as computer processors, mobile communications and energy efficient lightbulbs

Stan State Physics

  • Faculty Members active in research in dark matter, particle physics, superconductors, and nanomaterials.
  • Full undergraduate education with a Bachelor Sciences and Arts in Physics
  • Physical Science degree geared towards students looking to be competitive in industry, tech and education sector after graduation
  • Access to full undergraduate electronics and advance experimental laboratories

News: 2020 Cal-Bridge Scholars

Congratulation to new Cohort of Cal-Bridge Scholars who receives upto $10,000 scholarship, co-mentorship of UC/CSU Professors and workshops to apply for graduate school in Physics and Astronomy after Stan State Physics.

Rommell Pennell (Junior), Julien Alfaro (Junior), Ryan De Los Santos (Senior), Joseph Chaghouri (Junior).








2019 Cal-Bridge ScholarsCalbridge6

German Astroga (Junior), Sam Kara (Junior), Dilpreet Kaur (Senior)
Have earned upto $10000/yr of scholarship, mentorship for applying to graduate Ph.D. programs, and workshops