Physics & Physical Sciences

Majoring in Physics leads to careers in diverse fields requiring understanding of the basic principles underlying all the sciences of engineering. This includes physics, astronomy, energy and the environment, and optical communications. Students majoring in Physical Science are interested in a general science degree. Individual programs can be developed by the student in collaboration with an advisor, and can include courses in all of the STEM disciplines. 

woman working in labWhere can our Physics/Physical Sciences programs take you?
Students with the B.S. degree in physics frequently pursue graduate studies. The degree in Physical Science prepares students for a wide range of industrial and commercial careers where a capacity to analyze problems is more important than specific knowledge. 

Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts, Physics
  • Bachelor of Science,Physics
  • Bachelor of Arts, Physical Sciences, with concentrations offered in Applied Physics, Earth & Space Sciences, or Environmental Sciences
  • Concentrations: Those majoring in Liberal Studies can complete their concentration in Physics & Physical Sciences.
  • Minor in Microelectronics, Physics or Physical Sciences

Interesting classes
you might take

  • Spectroscopy
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics
  • Analog and Digital Electronics Quantum Mechanics I Thermal and Statistical Physics Nuclear and Particle Physics ​

What you can do

Graduates from the Physics program can follow career paths in industry, commerce and teaching in fields such as semiconductors, optics and optoelectronics, and engineering.

What you can learn

  • To acquire a basic understanding of the core areas in physics, including classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics
  • To be able to solve physical problems in a wide range of contexts of physics
  • Have an understanding of scientific method and how to apply it
  • To develop analytical and reasoning skills

What you can earn

  • Lab Technician, $38,000
  • Microelectronic Technician, $52,000
  • Systems Engineering Technician, $46,000

Source: 2014, CA