Meet Our Faculty

Susan Mokhtari

Dr. Susan Mokhtari

Department Chair

Phone: 209-664-6728
Office: N175

Theoretical Black Hole Physics and Topological Quantum Field Theory
Ph.D., Imperial College, 1986 on Supergravity and Supersymmetry
Postdoc: International Center For Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

Dr. Liangmin (Leon) Zhang

Dr. Liangmin (Leon) Zhang

Phone: 209-667-3553
Office: N168 & N165

Condensed Matter Experiments, Nanomaterials
Ph.D., Shandong Univ. (‘96)

Dr. Brian Morsony

Dr. Brian Morsony

Phone: 209-667-3535
Office: N174

Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics
Ph.D., Astrophysical and Planetary Science, UC, Boulder 2008
Postdoc: Univ. Wisconsin-Madison 2008, Univ. Maryland 2014-2018

Dr. Wing To

Dr. Wing To

Phone: 209-664-6910
Office: N173

About Dr. Wing To

Experimental Particle Physics and Atmospheric Physics
Ph.D., Particle Physics from UC, Santa Barbara, 2006-2012
Postdoc: Experimental Dark Matter from Case Western Reserve Univ. 2012-2014
Postdoc: Experimental Dark Matter from Stanford Univ. 2014-2016



Dr. Jason Veatch

Phone: 209-667-3467
Office: N172

Experimental Particle Physics
Ph.D., Particle Physics, University of Arizona 2015

Postdoc: University of Goettingen, Germany, 2015-2021

Postdoc: California State University, East Bay, 2022-2023



Dr. Daniel Birmingham
Office: N167
Phone: TBA

Lecturer in Physics


Dr. Jeffrey Mirocha

Phone: 209-667-3466
Office: N176

Research: Atmospheric Sciences and Wind Energy

Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder, Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, 2000-2005

Staff Atmospheric Scientist: Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), 2005-Current


Mr. Ryan Muoio

Phone: 209-667-3466
Office: N176

Research Field: Active Matter

Master's in the Science of Physics, CSU Fullerton, 2021

Zaya Pourtarvirdi

Mr. Zaya Pourtarvirdi

Office: TBA
Phone: TBA

Lecturer in Physics, Thin-Film Physics, Optical Coatings, Semiconductor Lasers
Master of Science in Applied Physics, Fresno State University
Currently also Full-Time Instructor at Merced College

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Rose Zhang

Dr. Rose Zhang

Condensed Matter Physics


Dr. Ian Littlewood

Dr. Ian Littlewood

Atomic Physics, Thermal Collisions, Gas Plasmas, Spectroscopy

Ph.D., University of Oxford, 1976

Postdoc: Molecular Spectroscopy, McMaster University, 1981

Dr. Marvin Johnson

Dr. Marvin Johnson

Biophysics and Biomechanics

Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1977

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