An internship experience can be an invaluable start to a professional career for a “pre-service” public administration student (that is, a student who has yet to be employed in the public or non-profit sectors). Internships provide an important and highly useful practical component to the academic program. The MPA Internship Program coordinates the establishment of internship positions with governmental and non-profit agencies.


What to Expect

  • Direct, hands-on experience in public or non-profit administration through a regional organization.
  • Intellectual and professional growth under the supervision of agency personnel while maintaining close liaison with the Public Administration Internship Coordinator, currently Dr. Umar Ghuman.
  • Part-time work for at least 300 hours with a public or non-profit sector organization.
  • Three units of academic credit by enrolling and participating in PADM 5940/Public Administration Internship.

Recent interns worked with the City of Turlock, City of Patterson, City of Oakdale, Stanislaus County, and United Way. Students desiring an internship with a specific organization are encouraged to discuss this placement with Dr. Ghuman.

Updated: July 19, 2022