Graduate Internships

An internship experience can be an invaluable start to a professional career for a “pre-service” public administration student (that is, a student who has yet to be employed in the public sector). Internships provide an important and highly useful practical component to the academic program. Having direct exposure to the hands-on/experiential side of public administration is a true boon to students’ professional growth and intellectual development. The MPA Internship Program coordinates the establishment of internship positions with governmental and non-profit agencies. An internship generally involves part-time work for at least 300 hours with a public sector organization. An intern works on assignments under the supervision of agency personnel while maintain close liaison with the Public Administration Internship Coordinator, currently Dr. Umar Ghuman, and enrolling and participating in PADM 5940/Public Administration Internship for 3 units of academic credit.

A few recent internship placements include the City of Turlock, City of Patterson, City of Oakdale, Stanislaus County, and United Way. Students desiring an internship with a specific organization are encouraged to discuss this placement with Dr. Ghuman.