Degree Requirements

Core Courses

ACC 5110 Management Accounting 3 Units
CIS 5620 Computer Information Systems 3 Units
FIN 5210 Managerial Finance 3 Units
MGT 5310 Business Organization, Theory & Behavior 3 Units
OM 5630 Seminar in Quality & Productivity Management. 3 Units
MKT 5410 Marketing Management 3 Units
MGT 5900 Project Methods & Integrated Strategic Processes 3 Units


Three electives are required. For students that elect a Finance Concentration, all electives would be in finance. For students that elect a Human Resources Concentration, three management electives, listed on the concentration webpage, must be completed. For students that elect a General Concentration, you may take any three electives. See Course Schedule for elective choices each term.

Total: 10 Courses or 30 Units for Degree

MBA Culminating Experience

Students in the Online MBA program have one option to satisfy their culminating experience requirement:

  • Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam Description (0 units)

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