Applying for Admission for Fall 2024

To be considered for admission into the Online MBA program, you are required to complete an application through Cal State Apply and have your official transcripts sent to Stanislaus State by the published deadline.

1. Complete your Application by Thursday, June 20, 2024.

Cal State Apply Application

Applicants must complete all parts of their application prior to the application deadline to be considered for admission into the program. A non-refundable $70 fee is required. (Please refer to the CSU Graduate Application Guide for more information on completing & submitting your University/Cal State Apply application.)

Cal State Apply will offer you several application options for the Online MBA Program. If you’re undecided whether you will choose a three-course concentration, please select the “General Degree” application. (You have the flexibility and ease to change your selection once you are enrolled in the program.)

  • MBA - Finance Concentration
  • MBA - HR Management Concentration
  • MBA - Digital Marketing
  • MBA - General Degree

Your Cal State Apply Application must include the following:

Applicants need to upload a current resume that lists in reverse-chronological order their academic and professional accomplishments. Work experience should detail employers (nature of business, gross sales/revenues, number of employees), dates of employment, and for each job title held please include a description of responsibilities & activities associated with that position and the organizational unit (size, scope, budget, personnel, and reporting relationships).

Applicants must submit a minimum of two names and email addresses of professional sources (current/past managers or supervisors, professional colleagues, etc.) and/or faculty who can address qualifications for graduate study, academic readiness, work performance & proficiency, and other personal qualities that demonstrate academic and professional promise. Once you have submitted your recommenders’ information, an email request will automatically be sent to the recommender on your behalf. Please advise your recommenders to look for this email in their inbox, as well as in their spam or junk-mail folder, as emails do occasionally get filtered out. The link included in their email will take them to the Cal State Apply Recommender Form. It is a brief (10-15 minute) survey.


Crafting an impactful Statement of Purpose is a vital step in your MBA application to Stanislaus State. This essay serves as a reflection of your past accomplishments, as well as a projection of your future career goals.

Use this opportunity to highlight key accomplishments in your academic, professional, and personal life, showcasing the milestones that have shaped your journey thus far. Reflect on how they demonstrate your expertise and/or leadership potential. Articulate your future career goals and how earning an MBA degree will serve as a catalyst in achieving them. Finally, explain why you have specifically chosen Stanislaus State for your MBA journey, elaborating on the specific factors that influenced your decision.

All applicants are required to submit a clear, well-written Statement of Purpose. Your essay should be approximately 500-750 words, using Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and be double-spaced with 1” margins. Resubmission of your essay may be required if it does not meet application standards and instructions.

We require applicants to upload unofficial copies of their transcripts to the Cal State Apply application. We need an unofficial transcript from EACH university and college you attended and completed coursework. This includes any community college education.

- For Stanislaus State Alumni who have not attended elsewhere since graduation, please upload a document to your application that states you are a Stan State graduate with a bachelor’s degree in ( ) and have not completed courses since your graduation.

- Students with international degrees can upload copies of their transcripts to their application. (Please Note: An official “evaluated” transcript will be required to be sent to Stanislaus State. See instructions in Step 2 below.)

Once you have submitted all parts of the Cal State Apply application (which includes all attachments and the receipt of your two recommendations), you will receive an email from Stan State that confirms your application has been received and provides a Stan State student email and student ID. An admission decision will be made in approximately 7-8 weeks. You will receive an email at your email address with our decision.


2. Request Official Transcripts be Sent to Stan State

Your application requires only one official transcript. Please request and have submitted an official transcript from the university or college from which you earned your bachelor’s degree by the application deadline. If you are admitted into the program, your official transcripts must be received by the university for students to enroll in courses and financial aid to be disbursed.

· Stanislaus State Alumni who have not attended elsewhere since graduation do not need to submit new transcripts.

· For students with international degrees, we need to receive an official evaluated transcript from one of our approved agencies. This “Comprehensive/Detailed Report” will confirm your degree and detail your coursework's equivalency to U.S. standards. (See instructions below for more information on the evaluated transcript and other requirements for those holding international degrees.)

Official transcripts should be submitted electronically to: If necessary, they may be mailed to:

Stanislaus State, Continuing & Professional Education
1 University Circle, MSR 380
Turlock, CA 95382

Out-of-State Enrollment

At this time, Stanislaus State is not authorized to offer online instruction or degree programs to students residing outside of the state of California. For additional information, visit the Out-of-State Authorizations for the OMBA Applicants.


International Student Applicants

All students with coursework from countries other than the United States are required to provide a credential evaluation from an approved organization. This official report will detail your degree and coursework's equivalency to U.S. standards.

The credential evaluation must be completed by one of Stan State’s approved organizations.  The organization must provide a “Comprehensive/Detailed Report” that includes: Identification of institution(s) attended, dates of attendance, credential(s) earned, and the United States educational equivalent, individual courses taken with semester units, individual course grade equivalents, course levels in terms of lower and upper-division, graduate and professional level for each post-secondary course evaluated, and overall grade point average (GPA).

Additional international admission requirements (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) can found at  International Education and Global Engagement.  All students with international degrees are to contact an advisor in International Education to review these additional requirements.

Updated: February 15, 2024