Course Schedule

Our program offers an optional Finance Concentration and Human Resources Concentration!

To fulfill the Finance or Human Resources concentration, complete three electives in that field. 


Course Schedule


  • The suggested course load is 2 or 3 classes per term. Contact the program for advising and planning your course schedule, to achieve a graduation target date.
  • See Degree Requirements for comprehensive exam culminating experience requirement.
  • We will also offer one finance, one management (human resources), and one 'other' elective (for general MBA students) each term. 
  • One Human Resources elective is offered in Winter and Summer terms.
  • Visit the Stanislaus State Academic Calendar for important dates. 

Core Courses

Fall 2022 Core Courses

  • ACC 5110 Management Accounting, Dr. Xuehu Song
  • CIS 5620 Computer Information Systems, Dr. Pengtao Li
  • FIN 5210 Managerial Finance, Dr. Sijing Zong
  • MGT 5310 Business Org. Theory & Behavior, Faculty Pending Confirmation 
  • MGT 5900 Integrated Business Strategy*, Faculty Pending Confirmation 
  • MKT 5410 Marketing Management, Faculty Pending Confirmation 
  • OM 5630 Quality & Productivity Management, Faculty Pending Confirmation 

Spring 2022 Core Courses

  • ACC 5110 Managerial Accounting, Dr. David Zhu
  • CIS 5620 Computer Information Systems, Dr. Pengtao Li
  • FIN 5210 Managerial Finance, Dr. Tzu-Man Huang 
  • MGT 5310 Business Org. Theory & Behavior, Dr. Edward Hernandez 
  • MGT 5900 Integrated Business Strategy*, Dr. Nan Zhang 
  • MKT 5410 Marketing Management, Dr. Saejoon Kim
  • OM 5630 Quality & Productivity Management, Dr. Jenny Li
* MGT 5900 is the capstone course and is taken when the following prerequisites are complete, ACC 5110, FIN 5210, MKT 5410, and two of the following: CIS 5620, MGT 5310, or OM 5630. The program recommends taking CIS 5620 or an elective with MGT 5900. 

Elective Courses

Please confirm course prerequisites by viewing course descriptions in the University Catalog. Elective courses may require a core class to be completed prior to registering for the course. For example, MGT 5310 must be completed prior to taking any of the Human Resources Concentration courses. 

Summer 2022: June 6, 2022, through July 15, 2022

  • MGT 5650 Selection, Recruitment, Training and Dev., Dr. Edward Hernandez (HR Concentration) 

Fall 2022

  • Fin 5220 Security Analytics and Portfolio Mgt., Dr. Gokce Soydemir
  • Mgt 5200 Seminar in Org. Behavior - Dr. Andrew Hinrichs
  • Mgt 5630 HR Info. Systems and People Analytics, Dr. Linda Dunn-Jensen (HR Concentration)

Winter 2023

  • Mgt 5620 Compensation and Benefits, Dr. Christopher Bradshaw (HR Concentration)

Spring 2023

  • Fin 5340 Financial Markets and Institutions, Dr. Andrew Wagner
  • Mgt 5610 Strategic Human Resource Mgt., Dr. Andrew T. Hinrichs (HR Concentration)
  • OM 5580 Seminar in Supply Chain Management, Dr. Feng Zhou

Summer 2023

  • Mgt 5660 Labor Relations and Negotiation, Dr. Edward Hernandez (HR Concentration)

Fall 2023

  • Mkt 5430 International Marketing, Dr. Saejoon Kim
  • Other electives TBD

Spring 2024

  • Mgt 5150 Negotiation Skills, Dr. Linda Dunn-Jensen
  • Other electives TBD 

For questions, visit the Contact Information page to request a meeting with program staff.