Advising Statement

Advising is required of all Math Majors in every registration cycle (each Summer/Fall and Spring). There is an advising hold that needs to be released by the Math Department before you can register for classes. When you go to a faculty member for advising (may be drop-in), you should have a plan for what you think you should be taking and know what courses you have already taken.

"Who to See" List

ALEKS Information

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Math Majors Listserv

The Math Majors Listserv is an e-mail list of Math Majors where we send out information about the program, tutoring/employment opportunities, etc. Non-members cannot post to the list. Make sure we have your correct (current) e-mail address. To be placed on the Math Listserv contact Emily Sanchez at

The Department of Mathematics has 3 degree programs

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) with Subject Matter Preparation is for those students who intend to teach high school. The BA without Subject Matter Preparation is for those students who intend to go to graduate school, especially if in pure (theoretical) mathematics. The Bachelor of Science (BS) is for those students interested in applied mathematics, planning a career in business or industry, or planning to go to graduate school in Applied Mathematics (e.g., at UC Merced).

Program requirements

Not all upper-division mathematics courses are offered every semester or even every year. In particular, Numerical Analysis, Operations Research, Differential Equations, and Complex Variables are offered every other semester. You need to plan out your schedule for your whole program (especially after Calculus II). If we make any changes to semesters in which courses are offered, you will be notified.


There are extra courses that you need to take in order to get into the credential program at Stanislaus State (Packets are available at the Teacher Education office (DHB303) or online at the Teacher Ed website These requirements do occasionally change, and are not grandfathered, so you will need to check them periodically. You will also need to have the Math Department verify completion of Subject Matter requirements when applying to the Credential Program. Dr. Bice is the one who fills out Form V (Verification of Subject Matter Preparation Program). Bring your form to Dr. Bice at least a week or two in advance of the application deadline for his signature.

Senior Seminar

Math 4960 (Senior Seminar in Mathematics) is required for the BA with SMPP, but not for either the BA without SMPP or BS degrees. Those completing the requirements for either the BA without SMPP or BS degrees in Mathematics may take any WP course they want. Students need to take and pass the WPST before taking any WP course. Senior Seminar is offered only during the Fall semester.

Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis

Math 4130 (Real Analysis I) and Math 4530 (Abstract Algebra) are two difficult classes. Real Analysis is only offered in Fall and Abstract Algebra is only offered in Spring. You should take Real Analysis in the Fall of your Senior year. Unless you intend to go to graduate school, take Abstract Algebra in the Spring of your Senior year. Then you may be able to take an Individual Study class in Abstract II in your Senior year.

Calculus labs

Math 1412 and Math 1422 are required for students in the SMPP, but not for others. If you have taken a calculus lab elsewhere, you may still be required to take Math 1412 and/or Math 1422.

General Education

When advising, Math professors generally do not track your GE progress (unless specifically asked). That is your responsibility. Also note that you cannot take a Math course for Upper Division General Education credit.


You need 120 units to graduate. GE and the Math major do not give you enough units to graduate. You will need to take some elective classes (if you will be entering the Credential Program, take the pre-program requirements -- including EDSS 3900, PSYC/CDEV 3240. For more information click here.) If graduating in Spring, apply for graduation by the preceding Fall at the latest.

Updated: July 31, 2023