Important References

Make sure the Mathematics Placement Exam is required for you. Find yourself on this flowchart.

Assessment Flowchart.pdf

Review the pathways doc to understand how to become eligible for Trigonometry or Calculus I.

Pathways to Calculus.pdf

Read the FAQs about the Mathematics Placement Exam and the process of placement. 


Mathematics Placement Exam Information

To take the exam, you must do the following steps. Pay very close attention to step 7!

1.  Learn about the ALEKS PPL Exam on the following webpage:

ALEKS PPL Exam Information

2. Register with the math department that you intend to take the ALEKS exam by accessing the registration link:

ALEKS PPL Registration

3. Once you complete step 2, you will receive an access link to ALEKS. If you do not receive the access link, email:

Due to an agreement between CSU and ALEKS, there is no registration/testing fee for you to pay.  If you are asked to pay anything, please stop and contact us at immediately. If you pay any fees, we cannot refund your money.

4. Once you receive the email with the access link, use the link to register for ALEKS PPL.

An active Stanislaus State email account is required to create an ALEKS PPL sign-in. After completing a questionnaire and short tutorial, you must take an unproctored assessment. The score for the unproctored assessment is not used for placement.

Tip: Take the unproctored assessment seriously! Give yourself 2 hours to finish it and do not use outside resources. Just do the best you can on your own. The program will adjust to your level of mastery.

5. Study for the Proctored Assessment.

After the unproctored assessment is complete, ALEKS PPL will assign a "Preparation and Learning Module". This will give you a chance to brush up on topics before the proctored assessment.

6.  Take a Proctored Assessment

In the proctored online test, you must have a web camera, and a photo ID. You must follow the web camera instructions for the proctored exam very closely. WARNING: If you fail to adequately follow the web-camera instructions, your test score will not be accepted and will be required to retake a proctored test. Examples of failing to follow the web-camera instructions include, but are not limited to:

  • Failing to clearly show your work area and environment prior to the test
  • Leaving from (including partially) the web camera view during the test
  • Using in any capacity an unapproved device or object during the test 

7. After you have completed a proctored exam, you must email, with the subject “(your name) PROCTORED EXAM COMPLETE”.

The body of the email must include your name and your student ID. If you fail to send this email, your score will not be recorded in university records. Your exam will be reviewed by the ALEKS Coordinators within one week after they receive your email.


Disclaimer: Students enrolled in any mathematics class without satisfying the minimum required Placement Score or the appropriate course prerequisites will be administratively dropped from the course no matter what anyone else, including an adviser or an instructor, may have told them.

Updated: July 31, 2023