Spring 2024 Admission Application Fee Waiver for State-side Programs

*At this time we are only processing fee waiver applications for Spring 2024 admission. Information on how to apply for Fall 2024 admission is forthcoming.*

Requesting Instructions

To be considered, applicants must contact their prospective program director to request a fee waiver. The program director will need to send an email request to GraduateStudies@csustan.edu and include the student applicant.

Program directors: In the email to Graduate Studies, please include:
1.    Student applicant name
2.    Program they’re applying for (must be a state-side program)
3.    Justification for receiving the waiver, i.e., McNair scholar, alums, etc.  (make sure the student meets your admission criteria).


Priority will be given to McNair Scholars, current undergraduate students who qualify for their prospective graduate program, and alumni. Please note: the application fee waivers will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Required Documentation After Receiving the Fee Waiver

It is required that the awarded student submit confirmation of applying to Cal State Apply within 60 days of receiving the fee waiver code, or 1 month before the deadline of May 31, 2024, whichever comes first to GraduateStudies@csustan.edu. If the Office of Graduate Studies does not receive confirmation by the noted deadline, the waiver will be rescinded and given to the next student on the list. 

Updated: October 17, 2023