Payment Of Your Award

Based on your Financial Aid Award summary you will find a disbursement schedule for the academic year according to the academic periods upon which your award is based on Fall Semester and/or Spring Semester. The actual payment dates will vary according to when you are awarded, when you complete your registration for each term, which programs provide your funding, and when changes, if any, are made to your award during the course of the year. The following information is provided to help you understand the payment of your funds and budget your money effectively. Please read it carefully! If you have any questions about your disbursement schedule, please contact our office immediately.

The Federal Pell Grant, State University Grant, Cal Grants A & B, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Educational Opportunity Program Grant (EOPG), Federal Perkins Loan and William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program are administered by Stanislaus State and paid on a series of specific dates determined by the academic calendar, registration periods and when you are awarded.

Fall Semester
The first financial aid payout for Fall Semester will be ten (10) days before the beginning of the semester, if you have received campus funds, have accepted your financial aid award in writing and registered in enough units to achieve eligibility for payment.

Spring Semester
The first financial aid payout for Spring Semester will be ten (10) days before the beginning of the semester, if you have received campus funds, have accepted your financial aid award in writing and registered in enough units to achieve eligibility for payment.

Students who do not qualify for payment at the beginning of a term will be processed for payment as soon as their award, acceptance and/or registration status qualifies them for a disbursement. Changes in your enrollment status or enrollment level, receipt of outside aid, revision in your housing arrangements, etc. may cause a reduction in your financial eligibility and delay payment from one to two weeks. You must report all such changes promptly. Once your funds have been disbursed to your account student financial's will issue refunds either by direct deposit or check. You should receive your refund within 5 days of disbursement.

Stanislaus State is concerned about keeping your personal data private and confidential. Therefore, your social security number has been eliminated as a primary identifier for your student records. Stanislaus State will now use your new Student Identification Number for campus identification purposes rather than your social security number. However, your social security number may still be required on certain forms and applications, such as in Admissions, Financial Aid, or for other federal or state agencies to verify student identity, determine eligibility, or obtain record data.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to avoid potential problems associated with inaccurate addresses. It is critical that you immediately update your address with Enrollment Services any time you move, and that you give accurate forwarding instructions to the U.S. Post Office each time you move.
  • The amount shown on your disbursement schedule represents the total financial aid paid to you. Actual pay amounts may reflect the deduction of outstanding financial obligations of fees, housing, short-term loans, etc.
  • Your eligibility and award are based in part on the housing status and enrollment status shown on your award letter. The housing types are: Living with parent, living on-campus, living off-campus, and living with relatives. The enrollment levels are: Full time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time, less than 1/2 time, and not enrolled.
  • Your eligibility for the financial aid funds provide to you is based in part on your enrollment level at the time the check is produced. If you reduce your enrollment or cease your attendance, you are not eligible for those funds. In those cases, you MUST immediately repay the funds to the Cashier's Office in the Mary Stuart Rogers Educational Services Gateway Building (contact information). When you accept payment of aid, you accept responsibility for all requirements of the program including repayment obligations and satisfactory academic progress.
    Level: Fall/Spring Units
    Undergraduate, Credential, 2nd BA, PBU Full-time 12 or more
      3/4 time 9 - 11
      1/2 time 6 - 8
      Less than 1/2 time 1 - 5
    Graduate Full-time 8 or more
      3/4 time 6 - 7
      1/2 time 4 - 5
      Less than 1/2 time 1 - 3
  • Promptly report in writing the receipt of tuition/fee assistance from other sources: Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Affairs, employers, etc. or receipt of financial aid from another college or university while you are enrolled on this campus.

Award amounts on initial award letters are generally based on full-time enrollment during the periods shown. If you attend less than full-time during either semester, your payment amounts may be prorated accordingly.

**Also applies to the credential candidate, students seeking second Bachelors Degrees and unclassified graduates.

You must ensure that all requirements are completed with the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office in order for you funds to be release. Examples of reasons why your financial aid funds may not be disbursed:

  • Outstanding item on your To Do List on your MyStanState account.
  • Awards NOT accepted your MyStanState portal.
  • Federal Direct Loan requirements NOT completed, such as the Master Promissory Note and/or Entrance Loan Counseling. Refer to Apply for Loan for additional information.
  • Not registered in the minimum required units for the award.
  • Not meeting Stanislaus State Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. For additional information please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress page.
  • A disbursement hold may be on your record. You can view holds on your MyStanState portal. 

Students who need to cancel their registration or to withdraw from all classes after enrolling for any academic term are required to follow the university's official withdrawal procedures. Failing to do so, may result in an obligation to pay fees as well as the assignment of failing grades in all courses and the need to apply for readmission before being allowed to enroll in another academic term.


Watch: Eligibility

Students who receive financial aid funds must consult with the Financial Aid office prior to withdrawing from the university regarding any required return or repayment of grant or loan assistance received for that academic term or payment period.  

Students who withdraw or cease to be enrolled prior to the end of a payment period and have received Federal or State aid must have a Return of Title IV Funds calculation performed or a pro-rata adjustment to their aid.  This calculation if performed by the Financial Aid Office. A student begins earning Title IV funds on the first day of attendance.  Therefore, if a student withdraws before a school’s census date, Stanislaus State will perform a Return of Title IV funds calculation using the number of days the student attended.  A student that withdraws from all units before the first day of school is not subject to Return of Title IV funds calculation all federal and state funds are all canceled and returned to the programs.

For additional information on withdrawing, please visit our Return of Title IV funds web-page.

Updated: November 10, 2021