The Financial Wellness team is available to come to your classes for a presentation. Please email us and include at least two options for your preferred date and time. Also, include the topic(s) you wish for the team to present on.

Below are some of the financial literacy topics covered:

Budgeting for College Students

Students will learn how to balance their income, financial aid resources and living expenses. They will develop a student budget by itemizing their expenses and resources, and create a flexible spending plan.

Credit Management

Students will learn to distinguish between the different types of credit (i.e. revolving, installment, etc.), learn how to make the best choice when deciding on a credit card and become a responsible credit card user. Students will learn the basics on credit reports and scores. Students will also explore what affects their credit history and how to build and maintain credit. As well as, learn about protecting their identity and steps they can take to prevent identity theft.

Student Loans

Students will learn about the different types of student loans and repayment options as well as forgiveness programs. This presentation is perfect for those who are considering student loans and those who have already taken them out.

Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness

Students will learn about the various student loan repayment options as well as the student loan forgiveness programs available.

Updated: April 01, 2022