Master of Science in Ecology and Sustainability

Students in the M.S. in Ecology and Sustainability Program at Stanislaus State gain the knowledge and skills to prepare them for successful careers in fields that contribute solutions to environmental and sustainability issues. Our society, and California in particular, has an urgent need for professionals with deep ecological insight who can manage systems to ensure the long-term sustainability of human and ecosystem health. The M.S. in Ecology and Sustainability is a thesis-based, 2 year degree program with two possible concentrations: (1) Ecological Conservation, and (2) Ecological Economics. Students study and conduct field and laboratory research in a variety of systems, including nearby habitats such as wetlands, grasslands, rivers, oak forests, and marine ecosystems, as well as in agricultural lands, urban areas, restored ecosystems, and social/economic systems. Please take some time to explore this website to learn about our program, especially the "Application Procedures" and "Applicant FAQ" pages, and feel free to contact the program director with any questions you might have.


Students take four core courses in ecosystem services, quantitative ecology, science writing, and environmental policy, plus three seminar courses on a variety of topics. Depending on the concentration, students take 3-4 additional required and elective courses in topics such as restoration ecology, GIS, and ecological economics. Finally, students propose and complete a thesis, an independent research study usually involving a combination of field and lab work. For more information, please see the Degree Options page.


The characteristic uniting our students is their passion for studying and solving applied ecological questions. Typically, students admitted into the program have a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Environmental Science, or a related field with a GPA of at least 3.0 (in the last 60 units). Students wishing to pursue the Ecological Economics concentration should also have previously taken courses in economics. For additional requirements, please see the Application Procedures page.