When testing accommodations are approved by Disability Resource Services (DRS), the following policies and procedures shall be followed:

  1. Tests[1] are scheduled through the DRS Office by completing Out of Class Testing requests. Students must complete the date, time of the test, and accommodations needed, if any. Students and professors must come to an agreement as to times and dates tests will be taken.  If neceesay, DRS may assist and facilitiate this. Every effort should be made to schedule tests for the same date the rest of the class will be taking it.  Rescheduling of tests for reasons not directly related to students’ disability (i.e., work, childcare arrangements, other non-class related obligations) is strictly prohibited.  
  2. Requests must be submitted to the DRS office at least five (5) working days in advance of quizzes and exams and ten (10) working days in advance of midterms and finals. It is the students’ responsibility to submit the requests. Please do not leave requests with instructors/professors to submit to DRS.
  3. Students must arrive at the DRS office on time and be prepared to take tests. Bring all scantrons, bluebooks, pencils, pens, and/or any other materials, as needed.  Only testing materials, preapproved by instructors/professors, will be permitted the testing room.  
  4. No cellphones, electronics, or personal items are allow in the testing room, unless part of  preapproved accommodations or instructors/professors provide written pre-approval.  DRS strongly recommends students make arrangements for storage of personal items, prior to all scheduled tests. Students MAY request the DRS staff secure their belongings in designated locations, in the staff only area.  However, DRS/Stanislaus State assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the care and/or protection of any such personal items.    
  5. No food or drinks are allowed in the testing room. Students may take breaks to eat and drink outside of the testing room, if it is part of approved accommodations. However, students will need to bring out the tests and leave it with a DRS staff member each time a break is taken
  6. The time allotted for tests begins at the time prearranged, regardless of the time a student arrives and begins testing. Testing ends at the prearranged time, as well. Students  are responsibe for the rescheduling of tests with their instructors/professors, if needed. Instructors/professors must notify the DRS office of any changes to the time or date of the tests.
  7. Absences from scheduled, prearranged test times, without prior notification (by phone or in person), will result in tests being returned to instructors/professors the same day. Students can still test with DRS. However, students will be responsible for rescheduling test dates and times with instructors/professors.
  8. Repeated tardiness and/or absences will result in a review of eligibility for testing services.


[1] All references to ‘tests’ include exams, quizzes, midterms and finals, unless otherwise noted.

Updated: January 10, 2022