Remote Services During COVID-19

Availability of services provided by DRS during COVID-19

Posted: March 17, 2020
Updated: August 20, 2020

Due to the developing situation regarding COVID-19, several services provided by DRS will be limited. Our offices on campus are closed, but our staff will continue to assist students as best as we can during this time. We ask for your continued patience and support. If you need to contact the office, please do so by emailing or by calling our office at (209) 667-3159. Please note our hours of operation. Because of the high volume of email and telephone calls we are experiencing, we ask you to please give us up to two (2) business days to answer requests. Please make sure you leave a detailed phone message if you call so we can assist you as best as we can. 

On-Campus Transporation

This service will be suspended until on-campus instruction returns to normal.

Audio-recorded Lectures

This will continue as the quality of your audio feed will allow. If you can’t get good quality audio, please contact DRS immediately.


All requests for alternative media should be made through our alternative media online request form. 

Receipts/proof of ownership can be emailed to the alternative media specialist at or attached to your online request.

Due to the lack of staff, the processing of orders and delivery of alternative formats will be slow. We ask for your patience in receiving course materials. If you have a course schedule or dates that materials need to be received by, you can email them to the alternative media specialist, or attach them to your online request. If you decide to email, please give your name and the materials that you are referring to.

Please be advised that we may not be able to cut or scan books at this time.

Note-taking assistance

If you are in communication with your note-taker, please ask them to continue to take notes. If you are not in communication with your note-taker or your note-taker will not be taking notes, please contact DRS and we will make alternative arrangements for you.

ASL Interpreting/CART captioning

We will work with your faculty to provide you this accommodation. For classes with recorded video, we will have the video captioned. For classes with live video, we will have remote CART services available or Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Please let us know if you have a preference for services.


​For exams/quizzes delivered remotely via Blackboard, instructors can adjust the testing time to allow you to have your accommodated time. For other online systems, we can work with your instructors to learn how to add in your accommodated time.

Please let DRS know if you are not able to get your accommodated time.

We understand that this is a big change for everyone. We want you to know we are here to help you through this challenging time. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us so we can solve them together.

Marvin Williams

Administrative Support Coordinator
Julia Spencer

Disability Services Advisors
Doua Xiong

Therese Gardner

Alternative Media Specialist
Erin Foster

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Monday through Friday

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